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Is this shield any good? Need a Price Check


I play a DH and I'm not sure what this shield is worth. It's got better rolls than the other shields I've seen in the AH, so it's probably pretty decent. What do you guys think it's worth?
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i think its good but not better than stormshield which is at least 4m in AH so for me, i think its about 2-4m
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Cool, thanks!
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Its solid, but missing some key things.

1. No Resist All. For barbs that still need the sword n board, they need this stat on every item (san's weapon).

2. 20% block is the MINIMUM of what Barbs look for. Ideally they want stuff in the mid to high 20's range.

The positives are the huge armor ammount, the Vit + %Life with a sparkle of Str.

Its a good shield. maybe in the 1m to 2m range depending on buyer and current market.
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i would'nt say 2m for that.. no barb has that money for a shield that is NOT a stormshield..
1m tops and im being optimistic
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good shield, will sell fast at any price under 1 million. Since most barbs are stuck on the RA for every slot build though, you wont get many buyers over that, unless your buyer is a Hp stacking barb.
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you might have a chance of selling this for mabe 1 mill to an idiot just starting inferno who bought gold, this shield has no resists therefor it is practically useless to a barb
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06/06/2012 11:28 AMPosted by HueHuePewPew
no resists therefor it is practically useless

I get that it's not ideal for a shield to lack resists, but from losing 1% elemental resist to being practically useless is a long way.
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I'll give 500k for this shield when servers come up.
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Found it on an EU char. Asked for a PC here to avoid the "I want it" bias.
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