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1h (wand) & Source or 2h (staff) for Inferno

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Hey all,

So I just hit 60 and started inferno and I had been having a real rough time with gear starting all the way back in act 3 hell and it seems to be getting worse.

Got a few upgrades, and now my dps is around 15k buffed and I can't really afford the really good stuff with only 800k gold.

But anyway, my question:

Is a 1h + source better than a 2h? I was using a wand and source until I got to 60/inferno at which point I changed to a 750 base dps staff with decent stats. But my attacks are slower (granted, I'm now using blizzard and venom hydra primarily so atk speed isn't as crucial) but for some reason I feel like despite the lower dps, the stats of a 1h/source > 2h dps.

What are most good inferno wizards using?
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There's a whole discussion on what's better for each build, but in terms of simplicity, it comes down to price.

Two handers are cheaper than equivalent Source/1-hander combos.

Source/1-handers provide a greater amount of possible stats.
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If your not using a signature spell then you should always go with a strong 2h if you can get your hands on one.
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Eventially, you'll want a fast 1 handed weapon, like dagger, with 25% ias, life steal/life on hit, and a socket, and offhand with high damage, int, crit. Getting a good combo can easily cost you 5-30 mil, but meh. It's really hard when trying to switch or upgrade weapons through the ah, because you can't see a stats compair...
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I only just started using a venom hydra/blizz build because I felt like it compensated best for my crappy gear. If using a 2h is conducive to that build, then great. I'll stick with it since I was getting bored of AN/lightning bolt from the level 60 grind.

Hopefully playing in inferno now will allow me to make some gold to afford some of the better stuff like a previous poster said, a fast dagger with +%IAS and life steals. Can't even afford to use magic find gear without gimping my stats. 15-16k buffed dps seems so bad when I hear other people boasting 20-40k easy.

As far as the AH goes, yeah -- it's a real pain in the !@# you can't compare stats. Hopefully blizz will allow you to do that soon. Makes me hesitant to buy certain upgrades and drop the gold only to find -dps when you compare it in game.
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lvl 47 NM Act 3

Very valid discussions here, I have the same issue. In fact, more often than not, i find myself using a 3-4stat Rare w/ socket 2H random weapon that a wizard shouldnt even be using... like a bow! I guess it's all about weapon damage. Finding a stacked Source + 1H has been tough for me with a measily 100k gold, cant really buy !@#$ from AH, so i'm going through the normal grind hoping to find something....anything!
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better buy resistance gear xD
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New Wizards may find this useful. It's a small guide designed to aid in easing into Inferno with some of the more staple ability / passive choices, properties to look out for, etc etc.

It's written in an easily understandable and hopefully entertaining manner.
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Damn I have almost 20k and I'm only level 57. You need to itemize way better.
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Personally I prefer wand/source. You are going to want one with 600+dps, attack speed,dmg, int, vit life+hit or life steal. I would say act 3 on you really want 700+. I like a fast wand because the wizard skills cater more towards on hit effects like arcane dynamo. Also wand because when you run out of arcane in the middle of a boss fight you don't want your character to run head long into azmodan fireball to melee him and die, just an example. With life+hit or life steal and some regen you won't have a problem with reflect damage either since I gain roughly 850hp per attack.

Source of course you want crit chance, int vit, crit dmg etc..

+ arcane and arcane on crit is great too.

I have also been wanting to try a bow/crossbow because the range looks great.
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I definitely prefer a faster weapon, I find it's better for kiting.

I actually had the good luck of having a 1 hander that was a DPS upgrade drop in Act 2 for me last night. It was a 1.2 speed 700ish DPS spear with 100 some odd int on it. After trying it out for 15 minutes, I promptly swapped back to my 650DPS sword with IAS on it. It was just too slow for me. The increased damage per hit wasn't enough of a difference for me, because I had to cover MUCH more distance to be able to get off a comparable number of orbs, and it basically rendered magic missile useless.

Many two handers are even slower than that. I may try one at some point if I manage to accumulate a lot of IAS gear, but for the time being, I think I'm just more comfortable with a fast 1 hander.

It might be an l2p issue, or personal preference, so take it with a grain of salt.

FWIW, when I was gearing up for Inferno I found the most effective route to be starting at "The Second Heart" in Act 3 Hell, and then running straight through that and Act 4 of Hell. I started Act 1 with 31k DPS, 6000 armor, 20k hp, and ~600 resists. I had no problems beating it with those stats.
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