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Follower LOL moments.

ohh okay thanks alot bro, that question woulda eaten away eat if u handt answered it
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Templar: Nuh

Me: Huh? Looks at chat pane and sees "Nothing but a scratch!"

He stood in the green stuff left by trees in act 1.
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At one point the screen for diablo 3 minimized and at the same time I was asked to do something. After that I forgot I even had diablo on and went about getting lunch and doing dishes. When I came back I found that the enchantress had been nonstop talking to her self for the last 20-30 minutes. Good to know that when my character stops being responsive she will just keep talking instead of finding help.
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Why oh why do enchantress turn us into chicken? ROTFLMAO
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85 Goblin Hunter
Enchantress tells my Barbarian: “ I sometimes think of you as my brother is that wrong?”
Barbarian: “No, but I will not talk to you about matters of love!”
Enchantress is all: “ But… But .. I was not ….. huh… . ..” lol
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85 Dwarf Paladin
*Me opening a chest and receiving 10 gold pieces and a grey-level pair of boots*


Me: -_-
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Spending 5 mins trying to kill 3 mobs with vamp/molten/extra health [native shield]

Not understanding why the crap they keep getting massive regens every 30 second...

Le me realises my templar has been feeding them this whole time, bail out of combat, dismiss him, kill mobs in 10 seconds..

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In Act II with Kormac, I think I was playing female DH and the dialog went like:-

Kormac: *disgusting tone* Lyndon told me that the women here were looking at me/my something
DH: The idea that women are looking at you is just wrong...
Kormac: *loses word* (he normally says something else to other classes)
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When the scoundrel levels up he says "Someday I'll run the guild!"

But he happened to take a nasty hit just as saying "Someday I'll run--" then died.

I lolled.
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So far my most amusing follower moment was with the Templar... We faced an elite pack of succubi and he says, "Would you look at that enemy over there!"...

... Once we finished them off he asked, "Could we find more like that?"

It made me laugh...
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One of my favorites is listening to the Templar after you do the quest in a higher difficulty to get a second templar. The two of them go on for some time, it's quite humorous
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I quit using Kormac for this this reason alone.
Back in my under-geared Hell Act 1 times, it seemed that every champ pack was Arcane enchanted, Plague, Frozen and took forever to kill them as a monk running with 3 heals + potion, a pair of low dps 1Hers and a useless Templar that would die with me continueously, 3 times to my 1.

All he ever said (and I swear he would jinx me) "Can we find more like that?"


Kormac go sit in town and play with your space cadet girl friend, me and Lyndon have work to do.

Now All I hear in Inferno is "AGAIN!" -_-
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In Hell, a rare (Waller, Illusionist, Reflects Damage) in the Heart of the Damned tower was stuck on a lower level. A very easy kill for a DH. Kormac standed still all long.

While killing the pack, he said "Could we find more like that?". And for the first time ever, I agreed with him. ;)

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this made me laugh so hard I nearly wet myself
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Not once do I recall myself ever being turned into a chicken. The chicken spell is always cast at your feet to hit enemies surrounding you as described in the tooltip, but I've never seen myself turn into a chicken. Uh...
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I've been turned into one several times, and a couple times she's turned us both into chickens. Not sure if it's intended or a bug, as it's not a listed side effect, but she does "make her own spells."
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Best follower moment was accidentally interrupting the conversation after killing Jondar. It should have been:

Jondar: Please forgive me. My vision was clouded by the covens evil magic.
Templar: Betrayal can never be forgiven

Hitting spacebar just as the Templar started talking made it:

Jondar: Please forgive me. My vision was clouded by the covens evil magic.
Templar: B i t c h ...

Made me laugh. :)
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I can't remember them all word per word but, I'll try to.

Skit 1:

Enchantress: You are so lucky to have Leah as your ally.
Female Wiz: Why? Your not planning on stealing her away are you?
Enchantress: What!? Well...if you will let me~. <3

Skit 2:

Scoundrel: Templar, Here's your amulet back, I had precious stones set into it.
Templar: My amulet! I though it lost!
Scoundrel: Stolen to be precise.
Templar: Yes! But you have shown me my error, accept my forgiveness?

Skit 2: Part 2

Templar:My amulet! its gone again!
Scoundrel: (In smug tone) At least you know I didn't steal it.
Templar: You stole it last time!

Skit 3:

Templar: Scoundrel! give up your thieving ways, and come into the light!
Scoundrel: Only if you admit your hubris.
Templar: If I admit that I have been arrogant and quick to judge, will you really give up your thieving ways?
Scoundrel: I am also a liar. < insert Trollface.jpg>

Skit 4:

Enchantress: Sometimes I think about marriage.
Wizard: Oh? What of it?
Enchantress: I think its not for me~ (awww too bad for you Templar)

Skit 5:

Scoundrel: Tell me Templar what is your deepest wish?
Templar : Why, its to serve the Order the most honorable way possible!
Scoundrel : Oh...
Templar: You sound disappointed?
Scoundrel: MY dream is to have a lot of money and be surrounded by beautiful women. Yours simply doesn't compare.

So far that's all I remember, I'll try to recall some others.

There's a lot of skits involving the Scoundrel trolling the Templar. and with his face at the status screen I can actually imagine him doing the troll face.

Really wish Blizz added a way to view all the skits you've heard ...kinda like the Tales of Series lol.
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Female Barb: Do you write your own spells?
Enchantress: Yes. Don't you?
Female Barb: No, I don't even like magic I just put up with yours.

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