Hey all. Frustrated Barb here. 48k hp, 850-900 resists (after War Cry), ~12k dps, and a little under 8000 armor.

I think my gear is sufficient for Act 2, but I don't know for sure. I struggle quite a bit, but I'm starting to wonder if it's because of the skills I'm using.

I am not the type to purely copy another's build, but I am curious as to what other Barbarians are doing to get through Act 2 Inferno and beyond.

As my abilities, I use:
Ignore Pain + duration rune
Threatening Shout + slow attack speed rune
War Cry + resist rune
Revenge + provocation rune
Frenzy + sidearm rune
Sprint + 10% dodge rune

As my Passives, I use:
Inspiring Presence
Nerves of Steel

Yet, more often than not, I find myself running around like a chicken with it's head cut off. Now that the servers are back up though I'm going to try messing around with some other skills and see what my options are.

So, what do you guys use? Or what do you recommend? Please only post if you are in Act 2 Inferno or farther.