Alright , probably a million threads about this already , but after waiting for a ticket to get answer for nearly 5 days , i finally got an answer telling me to post it here.

So i tried buying a couple items and i got timed out.Unlike some people , my balance didnt change , so i figured it was some sort of bug ( maybe someone bought it before me or whatever )After attempting to buy a few items with no luck , my balance remained unchanged and obviously , the items were not in my bank.Went to grab a bite and reloged a couple hours later only to find out that i actually had bought the items and my balance was nearly 0.( because i tried buying the same type of item over and over again)
Now i have quite a few useless items sitting around and no money...
Tbh i could re-sell them , but ill most likely not be able to break even as i overpaid for a few of them.

dont even know if posting this will do anything, but honestly i dont have that much time to play the game and itd take me too long to farm up all the money , so this is a last resort sort of thing.