I have no idea what is going on with my DH, but it seems like he is failing me whatever I try to do with him. Currently in Act 2 and I just get killed so easily. I'm kiting my butt off, and still the enemies are on me so fast it makes me spitting mad. I use Caltrops like mad then shoot at them and they still keep coming. I have no idea if its the armor, the abilities, not enough hatred or discipline, the primary or passive skills, or the weapons I use. I've tried using 2- 1 hand xbows, 2 hand xbows with quiver, and a bow w/ a quiver and have no luck. I can't seem to get my DPS above 1000 no matter what armor and weapons I use. I've tried all kinds of primary, secondary, active and passive skills combos and still not getting the results I want. I even use emeralds in my gear and armor to get better dexterity and % of damage. I know it would easier for people to know what I'm using at this moment, but I keep changing it so I can't remember. I even have upgraded Haedrig quite a bit and still his xbows and bows are low grade junk.

Should I concentrate on magic find armor (yellow over blue or blue over yellow?) What should I be looking for in weapons and armor? How can I get my DPS up in the thousands? I swept through Normal and the 1st Act in Nightmare, but now this dying in seconds is really getting on my nerves. I appreciate any help, thanks.