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what is happening :/
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Please help! Blizzard. . game unplayable. . Too many freezes too often causing my laptop to become unresponsive. . It started after the latest patch update. .
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Same here. How can i play on inferno with these laggs!
Core i5 2,2 GHz
ATI mobility 5650
Win 7 x64
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bump. same issue happening to me.

PC spec relevant to problem

Windows 7 Ultimate x64
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Similar Freeze Problem. Game Freezes in game. Alt/Tab then about 5 seconds later it goes to desktop. Click game icon and I am back in game.

Win7 64bit
i5-750 2.6g
Twin Frozr II/OC GeForce GTX 560 Ti

Docsis3 Zoom Cable Modem
D-Link DGL-4300 Router
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I may have had this happen since 1.02b patch, but I cannot confirm this since I have been changing around my routers during that cycle as well, so it could be hardware or the patch.
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im having same issue since last patch 5 mins into game everything hangs and sound stutters and im forced to reboot. i opened a ticket and then get told by bliz to read the forums. i means serious why the hell must i read forums if no1 else knows how to slove it because they having the same issues, and blizzard doesnt respond.
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same here
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Same here, freezing completely in game had to power off the computer.
Happened like crazy already please do something blizzard :(
Had a computer specs way beyond to handle the game but it always freezes
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WTF? Same issue and this is F**king rediculous!!!
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Instead of shutting off your computer. Try "CTRL+ALT+Delete" and then open the task manager. If that does not work, try "CTRL+Shift+ESC" which should open task manager immediately.

I hope your freezing issues are resolved soon. I can only suggest updating your graphics cards, or maybye sacrifice a goat (I've heard it works pretty well, only a small cost...).
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This needs to be resolved asap. Computer completely locks up.

Also running 64bit
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yay maintenance hopefully all this stuff gets fixed. just dont understant why they cant admit something is not right on their side. so hope its all good by the time i get on tomorrow
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This is happening to me now, not sure what could be the issue. Has anyone resolved this issue recently?
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This thread was from June...you should probably make your own thread with your symptoms and what solutions you have already tried.
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Blizzard, I don't have the money at the moment to get another computer, I'm very sure that 2.0 update messed my laptop up. It was working a lot better before that big update and now this! I need that laptop especially for work, class assignments, and paying for living expenses! Please give feedback on this matter if you haven't already, at least a sticky that it's being looked into, or I'll have to get a full refund for the deluxe digital RoS expansion I saved up for since my laptop might be dying, hope not... This needs to be fixed as soon as possible since a lot of computers keep freezing up. Thanks in advance. I really do enjoy this game but I need my laptop to work ASAP.
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