Hey guys.

I've been making a lot of videos on how to farm as a barbarian and people often ask me how I can afford all the gear that I use. I would often reply that I just farm pretty often, but after some time I realized that some of the people having trouble don't have a good grasp on how to sell the items that they get.

I make over 1 million per hour of farming, and sometimes hit the jackpot and get a really expensive piece. So the first part of this guide is the farming itself. The most profitable farming route, at least for me, is the Siegebreaker run. It takes me about 30 minutes and I get around 8 rares and several blues per run. The best loot in the game can drop from Siegebreaker, you don't need to move up to act 4. I have a video guide on where to start and which route to take, which you can check out here:


Next you'll want to sell your stuff on the auction house. This may seem like an obvious step but a lot of people do it inefficiently and end up losing gold. For example they can vendor items that they should auction, or salvage things that they should vendor. Sometimes they'll put an item up and it doesn't sell, costing them an auction slot for 36 hours. I go through my entire process in this video, which will show you what sells, and how to price it.


I hope this helps the people that are struggling to make gold. If you can't do the siegebreaker run just yet, check out my youtube channel for other farming routes you can take, but realize they are just stepping stones. Another option is to gold find and break pots in act 1, or farm resplendent chests in act 3. I have not included those in my videos since there are several others videos out there covering this and I didn't come up with the strategy on my own, so I won't take credit for it :)

Good luck!