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Solo Inferno Act 4 Clear! +Some Advice

I completed Act IV Inferno on Sunday. Hurray!

My stats when I cleared it
Life: 60146
Resists: 842-962
Armor: 9641
Damage: 21655
Block Chance: 36.00
Block Amount: 3706-4704
Dodge Chance: 17.60
Life Per Hit: 773

My Build
Frenzy - Sidearm
Leap - Iron Impact
Revenge - Provocation
War Cry - Impunity
Ignore Pain - Ignorance is Bliss
Wrath of the Berserker - Insanity
Tough as Nails
Nerves of Steel
Weapon Mastery (Sword)

I didn't clear Act IV because I was exceptionally skilled at playing my Barbarian or because I discovered some crazy revolutionary build. I beat Act IV because my gear was good enough to do it. Progression at max level is entirely based on gear. This isn't exactly news and this will never change. If you're having trouble progressing, the reason is almost always going to be "you're not properly equipped for it".

Here are a few quick pointers on improving your gear quality for Barbarians looking to progress through Inferno....

Is your armor and resists posted with or without warcry?? I'm seriously taking notes on where I'm deficient compared to your stats, but going to see how ur stats will work with my build. but anyways.. pls... is that with or without warcry?
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Ways to improve your damage:

More attack speed
Crit chance
Crit rate

Pardon me if I missed anything!
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Ways to improve your damage:

More attack speed
Crit chance
Crit rate

Pardon me if I missed anything!

You forgot knowledge of class skill stacking.....

Example, I see many WW barbs who do not compare to my dps and they spent twice as much gold as I did, and they die ALOT more.

In act 3-4 inferno WW is less useful I have found then my current build which beat all 4 acts.

The benefits of knowing the usefulness of OverPower and LOH stacking, and popping two forms of enrage to crit 100k+ sustained damage regardless of fury.

WW builds are extremely FURY dependant and require micromanagement and high crit to sustain.

Smash and go builds are very very sustainable with little or no rage....
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85 Blood Elf Death Knight
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I enjoy the build and the stat advise but the Battle Rage ability isn't really my style, i was just curious if there is anything i could use in its place that might help me still do good damage?
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