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A suggestion to improve Inferno

I've recently watched the original gameplay video of D3, and I noticed that originally, skeletons with shields used to hold on to their shields and block everything until you disoriented them. To me, this concept actually comes across as unique, challenging, and fun. It encourages builds that can do multiple things instead of just damage mitigation stacking or glass cannons.

This also made me realize that the most fun I've had in inferno are against mobs who have special innate abilities that require me to change my approach, as opposed to just attacking until I take too much damage, and then kiting until I can find a way to heal, which is just repetitive and annoying instead of really fun (This usually happens in group games for me, though). Another good example of this is the mobs in Halls of Agony (forgot their name) who will charge up their giant mace that will do massive damage unless avoided. If avoided, the mace gets stuck in the ground, giving the player time to damage him freely. This causes me, as a barbarian, to do this dance with those guys that is engaging and different, and thus for me, fun.

My suggestion is to add innate abilities like this to more inferno mobs. If the only premise of Inferno is that mobs do more damage, then the game becomes rather boring, honestly.
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06/06/2012 07:13 AMPosted by Jeptha
My suggestion is to add innate abilities like this to more inferno mobs.

Ordinarily id agree, but those mobs are annoying as hell when your australian connection rubberbands you right back into their big mace of one-shot.

The idea of more skills is great, I just wish they werent quite so binary.
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Makes me wonder if it would be more cost effective for them to put a server in Australia.

And honestly, if all the mobs has traits like that which make you approach each mob differently, I think the "binary" feel wouldn't be so pronounced. I'd much rather deal with an inferno that's hard because it makes you think rather than just a gear check anyway.
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