I still cannot understand why life steal is so small in Inferno. It has a 80% nerf.

Can anyone explain me why this was designed? One explanation would be to avoid people from doing full DPS builds and having too much healing... a exploit of sorts.

This pretty much makes the usage of 2 handers a gun showdown: kill or be killed in seconds.

However, isn't stacking huge ammounts of Attack Speed and Life on hit the same thing? These things coupled make barbs pidgeonhole on the same stats, with no real strategy.

If Lifesteal was useful, both 2-handers and dual wielding would be viable in healing terms.

Also, the Bloodthirst passive becomes utterly useless!


Most of the time, they aren't useful at all. Since we need insane attack speed and life on hit, most barbs stick to the passive and defensive skills (shouts + revenge + Dreadnought rush + leap). Why bother? You can AoE with cleave and even Sidearm Frenzy without bothering for fury costs, and the results are nearly the same.

Shockwave is a damn cool skill, for real. I'd like it to hit hard, or have something else that justified it's usage. Whirlwind is iconic in D2. Yet, it's incredibly weak in D3! No rune makes up for that as well, in big groups, i'd rather frenzy Sidearm them all to oblivion while mantaining my healing.

Talking about healing, the icing on the cake of Secondary abilities is that the healing provided by rend and WW are laughable.

Last thing: Stuns and other forms of CC in Inferno. I get it that the mobs that matter (elites + champion packs) stun locking makes for a cheap strategy. But this makes essentially a few of the skills and runes of the barbarians useless, a fix to this would be to maybe make the monsters take extra damage instead of being stunned or something else.