Hi guys,

I thought i'd drop this information here to help out those attempting to make there way through inferno, particularly the later acts. This is a build I use for both farming and progression, but will mention variations I use on it - This is a glass cannon build.

Firstly the pro's and cons;
+ Very little gear required, I have made it halfway through act 4 inferno with no more than a few mill spent on gear/gear attained.
+ High damage (fast fights/farming, etc)
+ Fun, fast paced play style
+ Skill dependent build (I personally enjoy this)
+ Good for farming (I personally run with over 200% MF w/o neph or gear swapping)

- Can be frustrating, if you get hit by ANYTHING, you will die.
- Some rare packs, such as invlun, fast, and reflect are a pain (Though I imagine this isn't uncommon in many other builds)

Now that's out the way, onto the build itself...
1: Blizzard - Snowbound, the bread and butter slow for any kiting build, using the cost reduction rune to make it much more spammable without limiting your damage/usability of other skills.

2: Teleport - Fracture, I love the mobility of Teleport, and after messing around with glyphs I have found that Fracture saves me on a huge number of occasions (Oppressors, anyone?)

3: Venom Hydra - Stupid crazy damage, I need not say more.

4: Magic Weapon - Force Weapon, again a staple skill in many builds simply for the increased damage

5: Primary skill, Shock pulse - Piercing Orb, I love the Aoe this gives, as well as providing a decent damage spammable nuke, I shouldn't forget to mention it has a very long range and is able to go through/around many objects.

6: AP dump, Arcane orb - Tap the source, This is another obvious skill, high damage nuke, long range with a small splash.

For passives I run Glass cannon, Temporal flux (Though I feel this skill is debatable) and Astral Presence.

I do change skills around for boss fights and whatnot, but this is the core build I work with and change very little when I do. Feel free to ask specific boss fight builds, i'll do my best to explain my thinking behind em.

Gearing for glass cannon is very simple, it really looks just like this:
Attack speed > Crit > Int > Magic find/gold find

Be rational about gearing, just because attack speed is above crit/int, doesn't mean you should drop 300 int for 5% speed :)

I understand this is simply a twist on Hydra/blizzard, I am not looking for approval, simply trying to help out anyone who is interested.

Any questions post here, or whisper me anytime - Frakture#1749
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