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Highest DPS build?

First off the build. : http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/monk#abYXgk!XgU!acabYa
Second the stats page: http://i1247.photobucket.com/albums/gg634/brentgore/monk54.png

I'm at level 54 with 10k dps which doesn't count the 24% added damage from Mantra of Conviction with overawe.

I'm in hell act 2 and everything dies just about instantly.

I've read bunches of threads saying monks need buffing they're too weak, but I couldn't imagine being stronger at this point in the game?


Edit : Just hit 11.2k will post pic if wanted oh and im at 26k hp
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you haven't played inferno. Things will die alot more slowly, you will die alot faster. Unless a majority of your abilities are defensive or you have LoH and such you will die alot. Short and simple. :P
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Yea, I breezed through hell and got face rolled in inferno. There is a VERY steep difficulty curb when going up thru inferno.
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When I started ACT 1 I had 22k dps. But soon learned that the DPS i was able to put out didn't last long when i was dead. Now i have 10k DPS and never die in act 1.

Its not about how much DPS you can do, its about how effective that DPS is. 20k-30 is nice but dieing to every rare pack is not.
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ya when u at inferno u will change your mantra, and you will notice your 10k dps is almost a joke..... i am at 31k dps, with 3.1 attacj per second, with 720 resist, and 54% dodge, with 30k life, and 5.8k armour, i am also a joke in act 2, life on hit is 1200
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am at 31k dps, with 3.1 attacj per second, with 720 resist, and 54% dodge, with 30k life, and 5.8k armour, i am also a joke in act 2, life on hit is 1200

im at every stat of mine is worse 1.8 APS 720 resist 44% dodge with mantra 5.5k armour 36k hp, life on hit 700 and act 2 is a joke... act 3 is painful but doable. whats your build?
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i use the flame is because when elite attack me in group, i use this, they will fear and run, tihs is useful when they got arcance, and u can keep wack them and loh, while they running, and sepearate them, so that u will not get too many hit. i use a dodge built with fast attack speed, because basically i tihnk that tanking them is a waste of time, as u die real fast, best way is to evade. and with life on hit, i bascially hit when dying i heal and they run and i hit, when dying again use sernity, and then the heal is back and then they fear and run again. if they still dont die, then i use tail wind and run lol, wait for sernity back, then go in again. actually i trying to change the serenity to instant karma later to try, seems much better as the heal is too little also
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