Diablo® III

What if you met your hacker in person?

What would you do or say to the guy that hacked your account?

Me? I would say, "Thank you for opening my eyes to the benefits of an Authenticator."

....Then I would punch him in the gut.

And then maybe pour sugar in his gas tank.

Then pee on his toothbrush.
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Archeologists would have found him in my backyard 300 years from now
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nothing because he was never there

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..oh ya and I'd poop in his shoes and then pull the fire alarm.
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... and then date his mother and not show up for any of his birthdays!
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Nothing because I'm not an idiot that clicks phishing emails or go to shoddy sites to buy gold. My bnet email is exclusive to my bnet account. I also use a different password for my bnet account from all my other online accounts.

I also have an authenticator.

If I met a 'hacker' IRL, I'd give them a high-five. Idiots deserve it and I'd praise him for what he does.

You sound like a jackass.
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...and fart on his pillow.
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LMAO! thats like saying @@@#!!s wouldnt exist if everyone carried a gun! lolol
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"hacker" this makes me LOL Knowing someones password != hacker
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You sound like a jackass.
Not really. I just tell it like it is.

Idiots get hacked. It's as simple as that. If you care about your account, you're going to put more effort in making it secure.

Just as you'd be extra careful with your bank acc info and CC #, you should be extra careful with your bnet account. With the introduction of the RMAH soon, security becomes even more important.

But please, continue to blame hackers. They wouldn't exist if people actually used their brains.

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