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How important is Crit Chance vs ___?

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I'm looking for ways to increase my effective damage (not just what shows up on the character screen). I have good dex and I use the +15% damage bow passive. Moderate IAS, but no extra crit at all.

How much does crit effectively increase your damage (since it is RNG) and what's a good % to have (if you're NOT using SharpShooter)? I don't want to half-!@# this, so if I re-gear I'm looking at replacing:


Will take a hit of ~150-200 dex in exchange for ~20% crit chance (so 25% total crit chance). Will need to make some more $ so I can afford to put a crit damage gem in bow.

How much will I see my effective damage go up by if I do this?

Right now I'm at 1300 dex, 5% crit, no SharpShooter. 20k dps with Bow +15% passive.
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I have 54% crit chance and gain addition with caltrops, 250% crit damage.
Lots of discipline and able to leech lots of discipline back. Lots of damage and lots of survivability for me. I can camp more with a large supply of discipline rather than kite as much against most elites. Able to clear out reflect damage mobs more easily with the ability to smokescreen more.
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Crit effectiveness is based highly on how much crit damage bonus you have. Throwing numbers on Renalan's spreadsheet says that your dps would drop slightly switching only 150 dex for 20% crit, much less 200 dex.
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Where can I get this spreadsheet?

I'm trying to decide if I should go for crit and re-gear to get 25% and eventually get a weapon with a socket for +crit damage%.

I have a build that revolves around Strafe so I'm conscious about hatred spending (which is one reason I didn't go for 1 hand bows - the attack speed is too fast and drains hatred too fast).

Alternately I can just forget crit entirely, leave it at 5% as it is now and just go heavy dex.
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you will always gain the same amount of dps with every % of crit

however other stats such as dex and crit damage will start to get more valuable in relation to crit as you get more of it.

As an experienced hunter in wow, i have read and studied at lot about crit and how it affects my damage

in wow your critical strike damage is 103% and it's been see that crit is more valuable than any other stat until around 45% crit chance, then others will take over

I expect the more crit damage you have the higher the threshold for when dex and crit damage become better.
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