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Diablo 3 Hacked Client?

happend to me tonight. been playing for 4 hours and i have gotten disconnected about 5-6 times and neph buffs gone in inferno.. this really sucks!

no solution yet?

The wierdest thing is that im on LAN with my friend and he never gets this error even tough we are onnected to the same network. Can also mention that I have a brand new computer and running high on graphs with no problem..
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Seriously guys,

Now I'm telling you this. Is it even possible for an organization to hack/compromise 100k+ people through phishing/password stealing/keylogging and PHYSICALLY go through EACH account to steal golds and strong items??? If you go through forums, chinese, europe, american, hell... tons of people are getting hacked out there. 100k is just my estimate (which is just 1% of the number of diablo 3 players).

Are you guys, those who are defending BZ by blaming the players to inexperience, saying that some people are capable of going through 100k accounts to steal their items, within a matter of a week or two?

Now, in online games, stuffs like keylogging or phishing happen all the damn time, but this time it's super widespread. What does that suggest? Here are my scenarios.

#1 : People are getting keylogged and phished. The estimates would be 10k to 100k or more, from the number of posts being seen. BUT, then, the hackers will still have to log on to Diablo 3, inputting each email and each password into the box, which, they risk being detected by the players who are still online. Then, they have to add friends, join a public or private game, drop the damn items, so so. Hell, I would say they take 20 minutes for each account. Now, that mounts up to 2000k minutes = 3333.3 hours = 1400 days. Now, how long have these reporting incidents been around? A week or 2 at most. That means, from 200 to 1000 people working 24/7 to hack us down?

#2 : Diablo 3 exploits from the auction market. This scenario is also likely, but again, it takes quite an amount of time. And with numerous hacked accounts out there, more than 10k, how would the hackers/exploiters even get to go through all the hacked characters in the first place?

#3 : Diablo 3 database/server got hacked. Now, this is how I feel. For most account that got hacked, only the character that has been played recently got broken, with 0 gold and valuable items gone. There are cases where a lvl 10 character was looted instead of a lvl 30. Now, what does that suggest? If the hacker went so far as to hack into the account, why don't they take all the items and sell for the most gold? From this article on Forbes, http://www.forbes.com/sites/insertcoin/2012/05/30/the-horror-of-being-hacked-in-diablo-3/ , would you say that only normal players got hacked?

I will also refer to a recent event regarding Asia server that was located in Korea. For the first week of the game release, http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/5149618277?page=1. I even subscribed to an VPN myself and checked, hell, only waited 30s. Did BZ say anything at all about that "incident"? Afaik, I was kept in the black. It's just, one mysterious morning, I logged into the game using my normal Asian IP, and it's up without waiting. This seems like PROPAGANDA, eh?

As an ethical Internet user with certain knowledge of user security, I am asking you guys to look at this matter in a different way. True, there are some people who use "password" for their password, or "12345678" for their password or whatever. But if this incident is of this magnitude, and the chain of events concentrate in such a short time, there must be something fishy going on. Will BZ continue to keep us in the dark?

Think about it.
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Im also facing this annoying 'upgrade now' , disconnect issue. I bought the physical version of the game. Why am I still getting this upgrade thing although my account stated I got the standard edition? :\
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Same issue with me. Playing for 10mins then "Removed from game" error message with Upgrade now in top right corner of screen.
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This is also happening to me ... banner at the top right with "click your way...etc" I am removed from the game with error 3007 ... i have the full game (standard edition) and uncapped ADSL. Has there been any word ? or solutions to this issue ? It is frustratingly pesky to say the least. Joining general chat in game does not help as iv read in other forums. Its feels like a car manufacturer telephonicly advertising the same car to you every day just after you have bought one.
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and this is now happening to me. bump.
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Happening to me as well can't freaking play and had items in RMAH THANKS BLIZZARD!
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Do we have a resolution for this? It seems this is still happening
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I been getting this message a lot in the last few days, glad to know its an official link from you guys.... the first post you said it was a hacking site i kinda freaked out.... lol gave me a scare dang you
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i just got this message for the first time today and i read they "phishing site" and was like wtf how did they hack my client >.< thank god it wasn't a hack, and i didn't have a guest pass or anual pass, i bought the original collectors edition of the game so i don't know why i would be getting this message
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I got disconnected three times in a row with this message, and it's not from an annual pass. I bought the physical game and I have the box to proove it. So, I really have no idea why I'm getting this message. Something went wrong, maybe?
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Seriously Blizzard, please sort this problem out soon! I'm not one to moan and complain but I've been getting this "You have been removed from the game" and the upgrade banner on the top right corner of the background screen ever since I got into Inferno. Man, it's a struggle to get 5 stacks of NV, usually taking a few deaths to get there (i.e. losing gold rather than gaining it) and, as soon as I get my five stacks I get kicked.
I bought a physical copy of the game then had to spend another $150 to upgrade my graphics card just for this?
Here in New Zealand we have what's called The Consumer's Guarantees Act, a very powerful protection for consumers which states that goods must be fit for the purpose they were sold for. If this 'removed from game' keeps happening I'm going to claim a full refund from Blizzard on the grounds the game isn't doing what it is advertised to do.
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Gay. Happened to me just now, although as soon as it happened I tried to Resume Game using the button and I was stuck trying to start a new game so I ended task on the game and restarted it. I use an authenticator so I doubt someone else logged in as myself.
This is normal, though, as I get DC'ed constantly every day anyhow even though my streaming media never lags or cuts out.
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I am having this problem as well. Just started today.
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It happened to me for a few times on last week too.

Come on Blizzard, you surely can do better than this as we don't want to re-collect NV or run through the quest again and again and again just because of this stupid bug....
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OK, been playing nearly every day for an hour or so since game launch, and it started happening for me today. About a dozen times, lets me play for about 10 15 minutes, first get a long lag followed by
Lost Connection
Your connection to the Battle.net service has timed out.
Please log in again. (Error 3007)

In the right hand top corner there is a shield with
Upgrade Now
Click your way to 60!
Challenging Bosses!
Nightmare, Hell & Inferno Mode!

I am a 12 month subscriber with digital download.
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I'm facing frequent disconnections as well due to that issue. It disconnects and the flag thingy shows up at the background, asking me to click without me being able to click it anyway. Please fix this. Thanks.
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