ok im getting a lot of complaints about DH being op while stacking crit dmg ya it says my dps is 113k but its not really that high its that high because of the sharpshooter buff 100% crit fully charged but thats only for your next attack then i drop back down to 34k dps till it goes back up. The DH is still easily killed in inferno bliz made them the way they are due to the fact they dont have a power form like the barb or the wiz my lvl 60 wiz in archon form still puts out the dmg just as well as my DH dose if not better barbs become insanely hard to kill and do a lot of dmg as well while rageing. People need to look at it from my point of vew were all on the same team till pvp comes out so why complain somone in ur party can dps.