Well been chatting with a few peeps in vent and I was like wtf that much ap? most of them said around lv 55 they had around 40k DPS. Im currently lv 53 and just got to 3.5k damage >.>. Are there any build guides I can get linked to. I just finish buying most my gear in the AH. I sort them by Vitality and Dex, and most of them have 70+ in each of them. My bow was probably the best one I could find in the AH for 100k B/O having about 314 damage with nice attributes like life per hit and what not but I would have no idea how to boost my damage to anywhere near the 40k they were having while I just bought the best gear I could find, all were golds and as stated had 70+ in both vitality n dex. My Hp is just over 30k atm.