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how do you determine which items to keep?

i see some items with pretty good stats but they are blue in color, but when i put them on AH they cant seem to sell even if i put them at 5k . so what factors do you consider when keeping an item? we have limited storage space and limited space on AH as well. please guide...
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Varies on items. Change your mindset as a buyer. I know that I look for cheap stuff, in the first few pages, especially weapons. So if I have a DPS weapon off the first few pages, that's really weak for the level, scroll to the page and see the average prices and lowball. I lowball because I want people to buy my stuff and I hate waiting. YOu make more selling for low than to leave an item up for 18hrs and never sell.

If I have a weapon dps for on level par when I search and lands the first 3 pages, I know to vary my price pending on the other items on that level. So if I have a 40dps, and the max for the level looks like 43, pending on how good the rest of the stats are I'll sell a bit lower than the 43 is priced. I also look for the majority of the prices. If I see 20k 25k 15k, then I know it's around 20k. There are always some folks that sell for ridiculous prices, I ignore them as most folks don't buy the over priced stuff.
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thx for the hasty replies
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When I shop at AH (and mind you I'm in NM...not Hell or Inferno yet) I type in 3 things.

Dex or Int or Str
Has Sockets or Attack Speed or Life %

The AS and L% are for later levels though...

Hope this helps!!!
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For weapons, DPS > all. The DPS matters ALOT. I don't really mind even if it has no other stats but so long the DPS is higher.

For other pieces of gear it is sort of a mixture of stats. Blues with good rolls on main stat + vit is a good sell. Obviously a lv 9 chest piece with 25 vit / 25 str sells ALOT more than lv 50 chest piece with the same stats. You have to weigh it against itemlevels.

I find helms generally useless without a gem slot but that is your call.

Similarly, if you see crap like int / str on a DH chest you can also safely vendor it.
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Any armor with decent vitality for the lvl + another stat (str, dex). Sockets in helms, chest and pants help. Higher DPS weapons with a socket, str or dex. Life on hit/life % helps on weapons also.

Also, anything under lvl 40, I throw up for fairly cheap (under 10k). lvl 40-50 items (under 10-20k) without doing any market research. Do people really buy those 200k items for a few extra stat points? I know I would go for the 20k item that had slightly lower stats and save 180k. Items over lvl 50 I will do more market research and price accordingly.
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