Diablo® III

Deciding on a laptop for Diablo 3...

Also, you can compare video cards here to get an idea before you buy:

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im running d3 on max detail, 40-45 FPS constant, even in the middle of being swamed by monstters
i5 2430(2.4GHZ, 3gHZ TURBO)
8gb RAM
1 TB hdd
1GB geofrce gt 555m
ur system should handle the game fine(the asus one) maybe a full system format and reinstall?
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... since I'm going to college soon, I kinda have to have that ability to take my computer with me lol.

It's not that big a deal, really. There will be plenty of computer labs around, and having a personal computer with all your games on it will only increase the chance of procrastination while you should be working.

Get a desktop.
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Playing on an acer with a core i3 2.53ghz, 4gb ram, geforce 630m and no problems so far after tweaking the nVidia control panel to always run the game on the nVidia card and NOT the intel one
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For love of god do NOT buy a laptop for gaming unless you have literally no other choice.

You're paying almost double the price of a desktop with the same specs to LOWER your performance.

If you want to bring my desktop to campus and back everyday for me then I'll stop looking into a gaming laptop. Do you think he was buying a laptop so he can park it on his desk and leave it there 24/7?
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There is zero reason for your current laptop to be having any fps issues with D3... Maybe your graphics card should be upgraded if you really feel the need to turn up shadows and anti aliasing.

If you are dead set on getting a new laptop, though, most of the suggestions in this thread are valid. I personally enjoy my HP DV7t Quad Ed. with i7 sandy bridge, good for gaming and for work.

The only suggestion on here that is just wrong is the Alienware. DO NOT BUY ALIENWARE. The only people who buy this craptop are ignorant 13 year old consumers who see an alien head and think they are now pro gamer of the month... Honestly Dell takes a basic laptop, puts an alien logo on the front, adds a lit keyboard, and charges a thousand bucks more! That's right in line with buying a Macbook Pro for gaming
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Sager NP9150 / Clevo P150EM

with the Radeon Hd 7970m Its on par with the new 680 GTX. I'm buying it as well just for diablo 3
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its rediculous. ive been waiting forever to play this game. i get it. pop it in. and bam! my computers graphix card isnt supported. my computers only a year old!
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i am running with an acer lappie with 6 gb ram and low end amd video and the game seems to run ok with settings on medium check it out acer makes good quality cheap
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actually there was a thread on this issue. The issue is not with your hardware. There is a textfile in the D3 folder. I can't remember which one it is. Under Video card class. change teh value from like 1 to 5 or something and it works perfectly then.

I am running same specs as you. Once i changed it i was able to max out my settings without any lag at all. I forgot which specific file it was but i am sure you can google it or do a forum search
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can a nvidia geforce gt 750m run diablo ?
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06/11/2012 12:53 AMPosted by Nixaon
1 word. Alienware. BAM!!!
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06/11/2012 12:53 AMPosted by Nixaon
1 word. Alienware. BAM!!!

Alienware is overpriced garbage.
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I game d3 on my laptop. has the i7 and a gtx 670M

anything over 650 is fine, the one i linked is a beast
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07/25/2013 05:29 PMPosted by IlDuce8199
06/11/2012 12:53 AMPosted by Nixaon
1 word. Alienware. BAM!!!

Alienware is overpriced garbage.

Half your quote is correct

Its overpriced but not garbage
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Play D3 just fine on a
Late 2013 MBPR
15 inch
Intel haswell i7 2.6ghz 3.8 Turbo
16 gb ddr 3 memory
1 TB flash storage..

Sexy !@# display. :P
20-30 fps on high settings at 2k resoultion.

1280x800 70-110 fps
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