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Legendary Magic find

Ok so i hear alot of complaining that legendaries never drop neither do sets.

I have recently upped my MF to 188% (base level) and i have found 3 legendaries in about 4 hours of act 1 inferno butcher runs.

Maybe stacking a tonne of MF is the trick? (granted the items were not really that good but i was pretty happy with seeing some orange items on the ground.)
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Really? Damn man someone should look into that!
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Le derp: More magic find less chance of legendaries

Le Nerd: More magic find gives X23653Y% chance better at finding X248019YXY Legenday.
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I have around 300 mf with 5 valor buffs, been farming act 3 inferno for a few weeks now and have yet to find any legendaries there. I found 2 crappy ones when progressing through nightmare and hell(without any mf), but that's 2 legendaries over ~200 hours.

You were just extremely lucky, that's all.
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Guys I just upped my Vit and had more health!
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06/12/2012 03:15 AMPosted by RyanKCrizzle
Guys I just upped my Vit and had more health!

reported for hack
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I have 295 MF without NV, I get about roughly 1 legendary every one to two days.
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11% magic find found legendary in act 3 nightmare
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