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StarCraft 2, last good Blizzard game?

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You released WOTLK then Cata. Both expansions I didn't follow through til the end because they weren't good.
You use the word "I". Hence, an opinion. One that will easily not be shared by the majority.
I didn't get to experience WotLK in it's prime, but I heard good things. I immensely enjoyed Cata and I feel it was an improvement on WotLK.

I don't play WoW anymore because I can't afford the sub, not because I don't like it.

Some would argue Starcraft is a terrible game too. I disagree on that front as well. 'Tis a great game. People just get mad they lose. At some point I stopped getting frustrated. I don't know how or even when.

Diablo 3 has been nothing but joy for me and I'll leave it at that.

I'm not a Blizzard fan boy by any means. I'm actually a Squeenix fan boy if anything.
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strange, i'm not sure now wether it's the blizzard games that were bad or people just have strange tastes

it has to be the latter, ever since I bought this game, I always enjoyed every moment of playing it, seriously guys, you ask too much
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SC2 > WoW > D3

that's why I'm using SC2 Archon portait.
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SC2 > WoW > D3

that's why I'm using SC2 Archon portait.

I'd have to agree with this but then I'd also have to list other games and studios. Where Blizzard used to be tops, now they are in the bottom quarter.
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Blizzards Titan MMO will blow everything away. Tigole (who I respect massively) amongst others have been working on that for years.
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B/c wrath was the 1st bad one, after the last good one....

Well, that's a bit of a stretch to call any of them bad. They do always deliver quality, but not everything is for everyone, such that everyone is going to disagree what was the best, and some just might not be interested. They all have strong points and weak points.

That all being said, some people are going to not like their new games. Others will like them. Others with think they are terrible. Others will think they are great. Much like there are people who love Cataclysm, people who love SCII, people who love Diablo III (etc etc for their predecessors).

Actually I think I'll also add my opinion to what you said. I really enjoyed Wrath. I didn't like 100% of it, but I don't think anyone should expect to like every feature. It had a lot of fun and epic experiences. Icecrown Citadel and The Lich King fight were both a very enjoying climax, for example. They've also improved many aspects of every expansion -- their zone and quest design gets better each time, would be an example there.
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and I would like to refer you to their sub number since the height of WOTLK to what it has become......

Thank you and goodnight.

P.S. Asian 'pay as you're logged in' numbers aren't subs........so 90% of asians are out of all of Blizzard's "Sub" numbers, since they've massively dropped off as well over the last few years.

That really does little to refute what I said. I said that there are plenty of people who are going to like and hate every product that they produce. They have lost -- what 1.8m, I think -- subscribers, but the game continues to thrive and do well, meaning that (like I said) there are likely many in that 10-odd million that enjoy Cataclysm, or enjoyed Wrath, or enjoyed etc etc.

You don't happen to be one of them, but that's fine.
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And when all those people who paid for that 1 year sub for a free copy of diablo 3, tapers off to like (IF THEY'RE LUCKY) 20%.......

What, oh what, will you say than?

Let me guess?

"Well, guild wars 2 came out....and than....."





I'm not going to say anything like that, because well, I'm honestly unsure what you said because your English is so bad. I can't tell if you mean that you feel 80% of the AP holders will stop after their year or if you feel that WoW will lose 80% of its subscribers by the time the AP's run out. Really, the second is more of a ludicrous statement, but neither are really all that likely. Many people who did the agreement.... did it because they like WoW and were planning to keep doing it anyway (yes, there were those that essentially paid $180 for a $60 game as you suggest but most people can do math). Its defies belief a little to assume that only 240,000 out of the 1.2m AP holders will continue to play after their year. I'm sure some will stop at that point, but no where near as dramatic as you seem to think.

You seem to have a lot of hate over something so trivial, so I actually feel sorry for you.
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wc3TFT is the last best blizz game imo, brought us dota which set the foundation for hardcore moba style gameing, the list goes on.
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I love Blizzard.

I have yet to be disappointed with any game they have released.
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