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defeat Diablo on normal with a demon hunter

How do I defeat Diablo on normal with a demon hunter?

I keep trying to defeat him, but I keep getting my !@# kicked. What is the best skill set to use against him when you're level 32?

I know this may be a noob question, but than again I have to start somewere.
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Impale with 60% chance stun rune, smoke screen and vault combined work very well. Never had any real problems with him/her. Try to avoid black holes and his blasts with vault if u can't get away in time. Use smoke screen to avoid damage if needed, and make use of the healthpool things on the sides. Should be fine then :p
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Stick and move. Stick and move.
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That fight is one you have to stay on your toes for, the main thing is to stay out of the cages and out of melee. I used vault with the tumble rune quite a bit along with caltrops with the tortuous ground rune to keep him at distance. For your attack powers choose runes that apply a slow or stun (frost arrow, for instance).

It took me seven or eight tries, but it's definitely doable once you get the feel of it.
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I use the impact rune, thunder ball rune to stun him...then he just become so ez
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i just join pub game and #*#*d him lol
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Also, you may want to check out the auction house and buy some better gear. Just an idea.
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This is the only fight in the game for me, inferno not inclusive, that i got my !@# handed to me consistently in hell.

Best advice i could offer for this, is this:

1. Stay out of melee range.
2. Use the speed rune for smoke screen and use it when she teleports or runs to you.
3. Tumble for vault but use it sparingly as the above rune does the job.
4. Nice little trick, is to note her location on the map with the little skull, and fire at her OFF SCREEN holding shift.
5. When she starts spawning the cages, just keep moving.
6. Phase 2, smoke screen when your clone appears and nuke dat mudda.
7. When she fires off a single fire bolt, run sideways, not in the same direction as it is going.
8. Note your discipline and be ready with preparation.
9. Electricity attack thingy, just smoke screen run away and to the side.
10. Dont be afraid to use a potion.
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sentry/spitfire also works great. You don't have to be any where near him to do damage. Killed him while I was across the map from Diablo with sentry torture ground combo.
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keep walking and dps
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Thanx for all the info. I'll give it a try and let you know tonight
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