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the story that should have been =D

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Prepare for a long read, this is the diablo 3 that should have been in terms of lore

The story diablwow had was quite horrid, borring plot, very predictable, and outright offensive to the lore that was already in place.

The story it could have bean.

The world stone is destroyed.... diablowow kinda ignored this, the thing that hides sanctuary, the thing that keeps humans weak, the thing that is one of the most powerful items in the world.... is gone. the focus should have been on this.
Since the worldstone was destroyed, tyrael should have bean outcast, left to wonder the world of sanctuary in exile, without powers, without wings, without a home. and during this time he has lost all hope in the angels.
The worldstone was destroyed! humans start regaining power that was before suppressed by the worldstone, and as humans start to regain power slowly over time, about 20 years later it could start to be noticed by the angels and demons, and they both start endlessly killing humans out of fear, half of the world is gone, half of the humans are dead, and tyrael is attempting to protect humanity with what little power he has left, from losing is angel powers.
in hell a new leader has taken the throne, we dont know who he is, where he came from, or what he wants, the little we know is from what little the demons have told us, as they die or taunt us, even this leaders name gives them delight and throws them into a frenzy as if the name itself gives them power, Rozga.
in heaven imperius is leading the council to do what he has always wanted, destroying the humans, he is slaughtering them with pleasure and joy. he is being corrupted by his hatred for the humans. the other angels say nothing out of fear of imperious for he is growing stronger and stronger as his lust for slaughtering humans is no longer his dream but a reality.
in sanctuary the last humans have banded together as 1 large nation, Nephal. as humans are now aware that they are descended from angels and demon and have great power, many fear it, most accept it, a few attempt to control it. this last nation Nephal is at the central point of battle, as the angels attack them from the north the demons attack from the south, leaving this nation at constant war with both sides, nephal is only still standing for a few humans have gained great power since the worldstone was destroyed and these few humans are doing there best to fight off these 2 great armies that approach them, but they are few and more and more die every day, so few remain and the armies of imperious and Rozga are drawing closer and closer to the last city on sanctuary, tristram.
in the last 20 years tristram has transformed into a great city, when the worldstone was destroyed and when tyrael informed the humans of the nephalem powers humans possess, many humans moved to tristram, as they saw it as a place of safety from the demons and angels, while many others thought they could awake the powers deep within them. as it is tristram is the last city among sanctuary and the war to defend it is being lost.

the hero, each has a different origin, but 20 years ago there nephalem power was awoken they could feel the raw power that flowed through there viens. over the 20 years some of the heros embraced the power others feared it, but it grew stronger within them none the less.

*the class lore was a freakin blast to write*
the idea is that the story of each class would actually change dialog a bit, not be the exact same...over...and over......and over.....

The Wizard
The Wizard embraced this power with a passion, only 4 at the time of the worldstone breaking she grew up always with power and as she grew, the village she grew up in feared her more each day, eventually the village outcast her. she was 7 at the time she was sent away by her village, even her own family did not want her. but she endured and survived, growing stronger day by day, but losing control of it more and more, until one day she lost complete control of her power and it burst forth from her shaking the sky the earth the sea, the entire world was in quake, the air blasted away in the roofs of every house and the sea sent many waves out destroying even the greatest of ships. after this incident one great wizard searched for the cause of such a giant event, unknowing what to expect, this wizard followed the source of this great power that had erupted, prepared for anything, or so he thought, finding a little girl at the root, this old wizard was dumfounded, he took her in as his own and attempted to teach this little girl how to control the power she possessed.
years later, she wonders the world with here adopted father, as he searches for a way to end hells and heavens assault upon sanctuary, but he is killed, he was assassinated in front of her vary eyes by a demon sent by Rozga, in rage she destroyed the demon that killed her adopted father, and vows revenge.
she goes forth to sanctuary for it is the central point of all demons and angels and there she searches for the demon called Rozga, and there she plans her revenge.

The Monk
The monk was just 12 when the worldstone broke, in the groups of monks he was in, all embraced his powers that awoke as a gift from the gods, and they taught him how to control it, and how it was a gift that he must use to bring balance to the world that was now in chaos. as demons start coming to the world as well as angels, the order of monks hes in are growing smaller and smaller, many die in battle defending the people of sanctuary, others are corrupted into fighting with the demons, while others abandon all hope as they fear the gods have betrayed them. the monk searches the world for the gods, trying to find answers in all this death and chaos. as the humans die every die, the power of the gods grow less and less, and the monk can sense this.
years later, the monk still wonders the world searching for the gods, and fighting any demons he can rid from this world. one night as the monk sat in the grass, he could feel the gods power that he once felt more strongly than the sun on his skin or the ground under his feet, fade out of reality, to where he could feel them no more, but not before a voice whispered in his ear "tristram"
the monk goes to tristram, for it was the last thing the gods told them before they had lost all place in the world. now the monk seeks to restore the gods as they where and finish the mission the gods had laid before him, protect the last city on sanctuary "tristram"

The Witch doctor
The witch doctor was 23 when the worldstone broke, he was always bean able to talk to the spirits and listen to there advice, but after the worldstone broke he begane to be able to not only talk to them but control them as well, and bend life and death to his will. already a well known witch doctor at the time, but as his new powers came to light, the people of the village started to worship him as a great spirit walker, able to talk to spirits to become a spirit and to even control the spirits, he was treated as more of a god than person, and many other witch doctors grew jealous that he was more powerful than them, and the witch doctor did not like how he was treated he was just human like the rest, he was one of them, but he felt apart from the clans with how he was treated, he left the village and the jungle the clans of his people dwelled in. shortly after he left, the demons begane there attack on sanctuary and his jungle was one of the first places to be attacked, all the clans destroyed all the villages burnt to the ground, after hearing this the witch doctor hurries back to the jungle, blaming himself for leaving, fighting many demons there, out of hatred and anger he killed all the demons in the jungle. and at the very edge, he found a small group of villagers who where still alive and hiding, he protects them, looking for homage for the last of his people, he finds sanctuary.
the last great city, he protects the city, and inside the city he protects the last of his people, who all love him as there savior and hero.
the witchdoctor seeks no attention, he seeks no redemption, for the death of his people is his fault for leaving, he will die before he lets tristram fall, and he will forever protect the last of his people.

The Barbarian
Arreat was destroyed, the barbarians had no home, most of them where dead. and the worldstone was destroyed. the few that remained left to wonder the world, to die, without hope, without honor, without a home. only one barbarian stayed at what remained of Arreat
a young man of 16, he was in no doubt a barbarian already 7 feet tall with huge muscular shoulders, and not fully grown. this barbarian was the only one to stay at Arreat, the few that survived the worldstone being destroyed, saw no reason to stay and left. The barbarian felt the power growing inside him once the worldstone was destroyed, he saw it as a blessing of the ancients, and he stays at mount Arreat, killing any demons that dare to venture to close to Arreat.
fully grown the barbarian still wonders mount Arreat protecting it, as he still saw it as his duty to protect where the worldstone once was. the last few years more and more demons attacked him at mount Arreat, almost as if they where after something, he would always find them searching for things, overturning rocks, digging around. he always killed them, but more where coming. one day, no demons showed up, but instead an old man did, he approached the barbarian, hobbling slowly over the rocky ground, the barbarian recognized this old man right away, it was the same man who destroyed the worldstone 20 years ago, the barbarian would never forget his face. the barbarian walked down to the old man confused but alert, the old man said, i need your help. the barbarian not sure to be outraged at the man for destroying his people, or to listen, kept silent. the old man said, you must go to tristram, the humans are dying everyday and you have the power to protect them, arreat is lost, but you can help those who are still alive. shortly after the old man left, slowly hobbling down the mountain.
the barbarian thought over what the old man had said, and seeing the wisdom in the his voice, went to tristram, to try and find out what it is the man who destroyed his people, and the worldstone, could not do himself.
the barbarian goes to tristram to redeem his people and seek the truth of why his people where lost

The Demon Hunter
the demon hunter was only 3 when the worldstone shattered, with her father at the time, only just now able to grasp what it is he did. she was already special when she was born, she came from a long line of demon hunters, those that hunted demons for vengeance, to protect those that could not fend for themselves, and because someone has to. when she was born her family could sense something special about her. when the worldstone broke, that special power that she had, was less of something to sense more of something to see, as she grew up her eyes turned more into a light yellow glow, further than any human could, in the day and night. her father took her with him on the hunts, teaching her, but it was not long before she was teaching him, she could move quicker and more quite than any living thing, her father did his best to keep up with her, she was such a happy playful child.
when she was 14, her family was always on the move, her mother father and brother always killing the demons that where attacking people more and more often. but it was not long before demons had heard of her, and how she was special. the angels had always left demon hunters alone, but the thought of one with awoken nephalem powers scared imperius, he went to go kill them himself, he made quick work of her family, but when it was time for her, was another matter, she was agile, smart, and she was scared. she ran into the night as silent as can be. imperius could never catch her, and still fears that she is alive
as she grew up wondering the world, she seeks vengeance for her family, and she will do anything to kill the leader of heaven imperius. she goes to tristram the center point for the fight of demons and angels. and there she fights both hell and heaven to rid the world of the horror that both bring, and she seeks the death of imperius.

the story of the acts.

the hero arrives in the city of tristram to find not all is well, the fiels outside are ridden with zombies, u fight um. do quests around city (some actually optional and change around quite a bit) and the base story for act 1 is finding out what is going on with the angels and heaven, and fighting off a little bit of both, the first boss would be a cocky demon who thought he could single handedly take out the city. the second boss would be a very large demon who was sent to destroy the roads that the carts used to bring food to and from the city and the third boss would be an angel soldier who was sent to kill you, as heaven wants you dead.
and the story would revolve around u helping rid the city of demons and the fields around
what begins the next act is when the angel appears to kill you, and it brings more of a depth that both sides want you dead (like why would the angels want u not protecting the city?!?!? that way there is some mystery to it)

with the angels now sending armies to tristram and trying to kill you, your stuck fighting both heaven and hell, the angels are few in numbers but very hard to kill to the north while the demons are in large numbers but easier to kill in the south. the basis for this act is trying to find out why the angels want you dead, while uncovering more about the nephalem who they are, what they are, ect. while also helping cain who has taken notice of you and asks for your help, to find a shattered piece of the worldstone, for its power may be able to protect the city of new tristram. the first boss would be a very seductive succubus that has snuck into the castle and is trying to trick the king to letting demons in, the second boss would be an endless onslaught that would be in the fields outside tristram and you have to fight through endless hordes and make it to the demons siege weapons, there you have to fight a really big demon who controls the siege weapon. you then leave the city to go to mount arreat to find a piece of the worldstone, along the path one of the angiris council show up to kill you, this boss fight is incredibly hard. but after the fight u continue on your way to arreat.


you find arreat covered in demon spawn pouring forth from the depths below, and you have to find one little piece of the worldstone that is randomly placed around the ruins of arreat, once u find it, demons find out u have it and send a huge demon after you, like huge huge. huge boss fight ensues. and then you make your way slowly back to tristram along the way more demons and angels are going after you, trying to get the worldstone piece from you
you also find a group of refugees trying to go to tristram and you have to escort them back, while doing quests for them (get food) (protect us) ect. and the name of the evil demon ruling hell first comes into play here (Rozga) after defeating a giant winged demon boss fight while having to protect the refugees. once you get back to tristram you find out the worldstone is tainted with some form of power, you have to do some quests to try and purify it, at the end you end up having to fight yourself your evil self, who is the third boss and actually a pain in the but cause he uses your exact move set. after defeating this you find out u have to get a piece of heaven and hell that is strong enough to power what little is left of the worldstone.

you have to fight your way into heaven and get a piece of a purified item (dont know what, maybe a gem or something), fighting angels and some of the angiris council on the way, the first boss is imperius, and its a hell of a fight, you win but he calls in angels to help and runs away, you fight your way out of heaven, and go to hell to find the last piece you need to power the worldstone, here you find demons acting wierd, not engaging you, letting you past. only a few wish to fight you. but once you get down in hell, a huge demon dude is barring your way, and the demons the let you past now block your way out, boss fight number two is fighting the strongest demon of hell and about 1000 demons who help him. after defeating him you get the shard you need, and go back to tristram, here you get the worldstone ready to protect tristram. but it takes a while for the worldstone to "power up" and hell and heaven see this and plan a huge attack upon tristram, where you fight tons and tons of demons and angels, and at the end you have to fight imperius again, but you also have to fight one of Rozgas sons at the same time 2v1 action. after winning this fight. you protect tristram with a small anti angel demon wall. and everyone is happy....except that cain is missing, and the king is dead, (the king is a very likable character and you need to be pissed kings dead)

would focus around finding cain, and finding out who Rozga is and what he wants. as well as finding out more about the nephalem

lol writing what story diablo 3 could of had was a freakin blast =]

p.s. did post of gameplay http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/5590643587#1 its funny =]

TL:DR Diablo 3 story bad. My story good.
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