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How to beat inferno butcher?

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I keep getting 1 shotted by the chains net thingie, any idea? my DPS is fine i can get him to 2/3 HP before the 1st chainnet
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This one was a little tricky when I first fought him. I brought along the templar and right at the start just pumped damage into him while the templar did his initial stun. After that he charged the wall so I burst him down towards the 2/3 mark. At this point it comes down to perfect timing on your SS or some lucky RNG on dodge.
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yea its all about timing man its blue chain red chain charge once u get the timing down on ur ss its easy peasy farming GL man took me a few times before i got my timing down GL
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need higher hp and armor
i was one shotted at fisrt
then i bought some higher armor + vit items, was able to JUST tank 1 hit with the chain, then heal myself with potions or with the two healing wells
if you can manage to not get one shot by the chains, its pretty easy

btw i think when i didnt get one shot i had around 30k hp, maybe 2-3k armor? cant remember exactly
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edit: get durable enough to not get 1 shotted then it's pretty easy
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I'm at 22k hp and i survive the chains at about 5k if I actually get hit. Watch for the patterns.
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First time I beat him in inferno i had around 17k hp so not enough to take the one hit.

my timing was horribly off due to latency on the server, meaning that when I see him raise his arm to use the attack id hit ss and still die.

I managed to dodge 2 of them in a row which wouldve killed me, but lucky for me it was enough for me to take him out..

was frustrating my first time through.
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Time your Smoke Screen correctly and it's GG.
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At first he was a little tricky for me since the chains kept owning me too. So I went with about 26k HP and that made it so I could take a shot and then either pop a potion or go to one of the wells. I can easily do him with 9K HP now though since my SS reflex is about 100 times better than it was starting out (A2/3 will do that to you).

Good luck!
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Check this video out.


Edit: This was probably a lot easier with my gear I had.

However, when I first did this I had much lower damage and was able to solo it while using SS, instinctively, to avoid the chains.

It`s really more about RNG and luck if anything else.
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Don't get hit by the chains, eventually you will get a feel for when you need to SS. Alternatively, go up to about 30k hp and it won't 1 shot you.
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This is how I beat him:

10k HP
70k DPS
Glass Cannon Build

Mark of Death + Mortal Enemy Rune
DPS like crazy, have Templar Rush to Stun

Dodge everything and SS only in desperate situations (like can't avoid an attack ex. Fire, Chain, Charge)

Preparation + Backup Plan (This rune will give u a 30% chance to recast it w/o cost, this will help you cast more SS)

my only complaint is

remove the SS recast cooldown (0.5s) that 0.5s is what kills us

this is a very cookie cutter build

once u get to ACT 2 u might want to consider

for kiting purposes
As a matter of fact for the mentioned Act 2 Build I find it extremely helpful with farming Maghda and the mobs leading up to her lair!!!
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