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Inferno Act 1 Tips and or Tricks

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My girlfriend plays Witch Doctor as had been struggling to solo Act 1 Inferno, I lack the knowledge about her class to help out and don't want to point her in a wrong direction so I'm hoping to get some help for her here.

This is the build she's currently using

Shes currently sitting at (stat wise)
- 12271 DPS
- 30851 Health
- 2853 Armor
- 250-350 Resistances
(Let me know if more info would be helpful)

Is her gear sub-optimal, is it her build, or could it be something else?

Thanks in advance, I would hate to see her lose interest in the game
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I use poison dart with splinters, grasp of the dead with unbreakable grasp, hex with players choice of rune, fetish army with players choice, spirit walk with players choice and big bad voodoo with healing or dmg. Passives i use jungle fortitude, spirit vessel and pierce the veil.

Keep everything slowed and spam poison dart. Keep hex out. When you get to elite packs, pop fetish, big bad voodoo, hex, and just focus one down as quickly as possible. The fetish are basically decoys so you can sit still and burn.

Her stats are awfully low. I run with 28k dmg and 41k hp. I have cleared Act 1 about 11 times yesterday while farming and rarely run into issues. Please let me know if you have questions.
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I was concerned that her damage was low but I had not considered that her health might be low as well (its fairly close to that of my barb and I do fine in act 1)

I'll see if I can get her to move some skills around and try that, thanks for the help!

Also as a side note, shes using a high damage 2 hand at the moment, is that standard for a cheap high damage alternative or should she be trying to get a one hand and an off hand?
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This is the build she should use throughout inferno:

This is why:

-Throughout Inferno you realize you die a lot, this build helps with survivability and dps.

This is so because your "damage indicator" in your character menu shows weapon dps. DONT WORRY ABOUT THAT BS. CONTINUE TO STACK INTEL. But what it doesnt show you is that the higher your intelligence the more your offensive magic spells hit rather than your M1 offensive ability. In other words, Your splinters may suffer a tiny bit of damage loss while your bears turn into dropping an atom bomb on your opponents. Do not worry about stacking resistances past 200 because your goal, you guessed it... avoid everything.

-Splinters are op, because they cost very little mana and your damage bonus increase is higher than other low mana cost spells.

- Bears are awesome because they have the highest damage via an a.o.e. area where enemies will get pooped on.

- Spirit Walk is essential because you need an escape mechanism to NOT EVER GET HIT, plus its a good way to heal your self on down time.

-Soul harvest, well, lets say with 5 stacks in inferno increases your intelligence by 5k. Plus healing yourself every time you run into a group. Who wouldn't get this.

- Fetish army, give you a front line to hide behind with mobility and a high cd so your vq can proceed to give you mana without spamming all your buttons and try to keep vq up. Get legion of daggers because it gives you more minion which adds up to a higher dps amount.

- Big Bad Voodoo, self explanatory. Gives you damage increase while having a large cd so that your vq stays active. (I like Slam Dance but ghost trance is always nice)

Vision Quest, mana regen.... DUH

Pierce the Veil, increase damage while VQ gives you mana so there is essentially not really a loss at all for more damage. A necessity.

Spirit Vessel, if you don't have this your just hurting yourself in the long run survivability wise.

1. Splinters to pull them towards you so they bunch together and to get some early hits on them.
2. Ghost walk when they are close so you can sneak into the middle of the group,
3. Hit soul harvest and run the heck outta there (or your efforts will be wasted),
4. Instantly pop voodoo and feitsh
5. Go to town on mobs with bears.
6. Have no mana? use the op-ness of splinters to peck away at opponents who might remain, while vq regens your mana for bears (just remember to get everything on cooldown, use them at the right times.)

Your next "Dilemma"
if you do get hit and your in Spirit vessel form, run and grab some health globes quick or use a pot.

Rinse repeat.
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VQ Bears is not a build I would recommend for survivability, especially for a player who is obviously less experienced

@ OP - she needs more DPS badly. the rest of her stats are decent. trying stacking attack speed such as rings with 70 int, 15% as. they are very cheap on the AH
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I tried every build under the sun in Inferno. This is the one I fell in love with, even when I was using starter gear. Just grab a couple cheap IAS rings and an amulet, a decent dagger and go to town. Increase movement speed on boots also helps. You can switch between a two-hander or shield for better survivability.
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Fraxinus i gave that build a try and im loving it. Any tips on gear, or anything else you can share about this build,
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