Since launch of Diablo 3, I have been experiencing random computer freezes requiring
hard resets. Strange thing is that, Diablo had no problems during BETA and other programs on my computer run fine. So with that said last Saturday after being frustrated as hell and about to shelve D3 until Blizzard fix the problem. I decided to try on last thing to attempt to get my system stable when running D3. Before I tell what I did, here is a list of what I tried!

- updated all drivers
- rolled back drivers
- under-clocked gpu
- disabled all unnecessary programs
- disabled all overlay programs
- tested memory - no problems
- no heating problems
- stress test programs
- registry clean up
- lowered hardwaremode (5,4,3...)
- ran as Admin
- ran fullscreen/windowed
- disabled dual monitor
- re-installed Diablo
- re-installed Windows
- formatted then re-installed
- changed video cards
- disk checked Hard drive

I took a look at my BIOS version only to find out it was 3 versions old and my version had been released early this year (the reason I had not looked into my BIOS version earlier and the fact that messing with the BIOS can be devastating on your computer). So using a utility/program that was sent from my motherboards manufacture, I updated my BIOS version. To my much joy, it worked! Diablo runs perfect now.

Anyway I know there are a lot of you out there with this similar problem and have not had any luck to resolve it yet, so here is another "solution" to try. WARNING remember messing with you BIOS, if you are not sure what you are doing, can be devastating to your computer!

Good Luck!