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48÷2(9+3) = ?

48/2(9+3) in fact is the same as 48/2*(9+3)
and to make calculating easier, you can calculate it in parts.
(9+3) has priority and will be 12
48/2 will be next since it's in the front and will be 24

which ends into 24*12 which is 288
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Order of Operations is always Multiply divide add subtract In this case

48/2(9+3) = 48/2(12)= 24(12)= 288

First to perform an equation as complex in you head you must first simplify but changing what you already know. You know that 9+3=12 so change that to 12. Now the order starts first you multiply and divide from left to right. So when doing this in your head its best to take 1 step at a time you know that 4/2= 2 and 8/2= 4 thus the equation becomes 24(12) and from there its a simple multiplication problem. 24x12=288.

Most people get stuck on the parenthesis part. And just not that when you put a parenthesis in an equations its generally meant to be solved within its self first.

Steps for dummies
1.Define parenthesis (9+3)=(12)
2. start order left to right M.D.A.S. 48/2=24
3.make new equation and solve 24(12)
4. answer 288
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For those that believed the answer was 288. Hurry up and get through high school because its obviously been a cancer on you. Rule of thumb for college if you pick a degree outside of the medical field and it doesn't involve calculus 1, its not worthwhile and you'll likely never find the right job or happiness.

I love how you added this, as if it's relevant to the argument at all.

You're still forgetting that it boils down to interpretation.




Your proof still assumes the second form and goes from there, and of course that's going to be valid. That's not what's being disputed here at all.

Like many have mentioned, 48÷2(9+3) = ? is a badly written equation, and if you even see that past Algebra 1 you should probably complain to the professor. Saying a person is going to fail in life because they agree with one interpretation (which is completely subjective at this point) makes you sound like you're trying to compensate for a weak argument.
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This makes me upset with the world.

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