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Hit Nightmare: Recommended health and pacing?

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I noticed on normal(read: easy) that it was pretty safe if you had 500 health by the end of act 1. 1500 by the end of act 2. 2500 by the end of act 3. And around 3500 to finish up the game.

I hit nightmare with my friends and at first didn't really notice the difference until I encountered the first "Arcane" boss. I sc!!*#d out of that fight at 25%. Started to think that I might want to slow down and do a few full clears before we get to the Butcher.

I play as a Monk. I typically play with some buddies. Usually a Barbarian, Witch Doctor, Demon Hunter.

So pacing questions.
1. How much health do you recommend before attempting the Butcher on Nightmare?
2. Should I be pacing myself? Is there a good place to "montage" in act 1?
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Well i had about 12500hp with my WD at act 1 (nightmare), i recommend that you ( & your friends) go farming, or buying something with VIT & DEX on AH.

GL & HF (:
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Well i had about 12500hp with my WD at act 1 (nightmare), i recommend that you ( & your friends) go farming, or buying something with VIT & DEX on AH.

GL & HF (:

At NM or Hell? My Barb is running a bit low in NM right now, I just down SK easily level 34 ~3300 HP. I do plan on boosting that up as I get father along in Act I.
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For a melee character I would not feel comfortable attempting the butcher (NM) with anything less than 10k hp unless my armor and dps is redonculous. Stack some vita gear, if your dps is below 500: buy a new weapon with good dps + socket with a ruby. If you wanna play it safe, you can farm the beginning of act1 till you're high enough level to start getting that extra +1hp / vitality point each lvl.

As a monk, I had roughly 14k hp at the beginning of A2 and around 28k going into A3.
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You are going to get wildly different answers because some people level up a lot and you are going to get more hp per vitality from 35 through 60 (+1 per level after 35) which boosts the hp these people have relative to their gear.

I have been leveling up all 5 classes on Hardcore fairly evenly, and they are all about halfway through act3 nightmare at the moment at level 45.

So far I would say base hp (at the end of each act) should be something like:

Normal Act 1 : 1500
Normal Act 2 : 2500
Normal Act 3 : 4000
Normal Act 4 : 5000
Nightmare Act 1 : 9k (@lvl 34)
Nightmare Act 2 : 14k (@lvl 42)

Most of my characters are hovering around 20k halfway through Act 3 though I do have one that is a fair bit lower (17.5k on my DH, but has quite a bit more dps than anyone else so it seems to work out for now).
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by the time I got to the butcher in NM Act 1 my wiz had ~10k hp, ~20k at Belial and am sitting at ~28k 2/3 of the way through act 3.

Search the AH for +% health items, not just vitality. Always run with the +% health gem (amethyst?...brain fart) on your helmet. Extra XP from a helmet+ruby is nice through normal, but drop it for NM onwards.

By hitting up the AH and keeping current gear you shouldn't really have to grind anytime in NM...my monk and wiz have been running straight through.

Edit: first time I fought NM Belial I was pretty nervous and the 20k hp and 1.3k dps I had built up for a little insurance allowed me to roflstomp him with a wizard.
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I am SO behind the curve based on what you guys are saying here. I am just shy of 5,000 health at level 38 and I'm half way through the chapter.

Thanks everyone. I think I'll slow down my pace and try to get a bit more life before I throw myself on the grill.
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