I'm kind of disappointed that Blizzard didn't really improve the looting system at all from previous ARPG games. I understand that they want the loot confetti appearance and that they think it's fun to manually click each piece of desired loot, but I don't find the current system fun at all.

1. Whenever I play a melee character, I accidentally pick up white and grey items that drop while I'm in combat. Could we get an option that disables looting in combat so that this doesn't happen?

2. Potions, gems, and pages are all white items. Could we get a new color for these items so that I don't have to scan the useless white items that drop everywhere?

3. I'm glad that gold pickup is passive, but could we also make it active? It seems as though actually clicking on gold makes me pick up the closest item instead. Thus, the only way to get the gold is to run around like a crazy person.

I'm actually fine with not automatically picking up magic items. Part of the fun is seeing what dropped. That's lost if it's automatically picked up.