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Ready for Iskatu NM?

Hiya, since I already lost a WD to him at 50, thought I'd just double check and make sure my monk is ready for him:

Level 49, 26.5k hps, 1600 dps sword and board (1850 with heal buff), 3k armor, %2.5 vamp, and a little life/hit. With mantra I can either get 10% more vit, or +100 life/hit (feels like the life/hit is better here).

Feels like I'll be ok with my steady aoe damage, only reason I died with my WD is because I didn't have AOE skills up, forgot about this guy when I walked into nm.

Was gonna run crippling blow (concussion +20% dr aoe), tempest rush (to get out of surround) heal (+dmg buff), serenity (heal), sweeping wind and MoH.

Think this is enough or should I go farm a couple levels?
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I beat him with a Wizard with 16k hp and maybe close to that dps. I think you'll be fine.
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In nm hc? dang, living dangerously lol. My WD had about 20k hps and I lost, but again mostly cause I didn't have the skill up for AOE. Thanks for info.
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Just to follow up, was incredibly easy with the above stats, never got below 97% if even, stuff wasn't even touching me before it died. Finished the act at 51 without breaking a sweat. Final stats on Diablo kill were ~30k health, 2200 dps, 3400 armor, +2.5% vamp, +110 life/hit (from MoH rune). Izual didnt even hit me. Diablo got me to about 70% a couple times. All in all was overkill, but better than dying :P
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I literally just beat him an hour ago with DH 29k HP and 3k DPS. Lvl 51. ~1000 armor.

He took me down to 1/4 HP!!!!!!

I had a heal skills (preparation/battlescar rune), (sentry/aid station), and pot that saved my life.

Plz plz plz get more hp and dps. I fear for you!!!
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