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Did not receive item paid at auction house


I just bought an item on the auction house for a significant amount of gold, and the order shows up in my log. Order ID 223889169.

However, the item wasn't sent to my auction house stash nor do I see it anywhere else. I went through the entire thing at least 20 times.

That being said, I had reported the problem to blizzard support but I am getting automated cut and paste replies that doesn't even remotely answer the question or address the issue.

Has anyone has any experiences with this?
Can someone from blizzard kindly please help as well?

If you guys can tell me what happened and how you dealt with your situation, or tell me what's the best approach I should do it, it will be greatly appreciated.
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Its in your stash. Check the last page and the 2nd page and the 1st page.
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You're aware that after purchasing, you need to send it to your stash from the AH menu, right?
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Nope it isn't in my stash.

I checked all 3 pages over 20 times.

I also checked the auction house stash under the completed tab. I do not see the item there as well.

however, under the purchase log, it records that I had bought the item via payout and my gold is taken as well.

Anyone else having this issue?
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I just had this same problem. Bump.
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yeah theres some AH bugs still, my gold from being outbidded hasnt been refunded yet either(2days)
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Bought some Gems in AH and they were not sent to my stash, even though it said they were sent. pretty lame.............
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The solution to this problem, is:

Buy something else.

It's quite dumb, but if you run into this problem, buy a single flawless square gem and everything else should show up with your gem in your completed tab. I have bought brimstones, crating mats, and gems in mass and run into this problem at least once per day.

If this doesn't work the first time, buy a second gem. I've never had to buy more than one extra item when this happens though.
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Sound like you guys got scammed by blizzard lol
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Did you do a last second bid? There was a post about people doing last second bids and winning then not getting their items awhile back. A few months back someone on my friends list claimed it happened to him. He said he won a bid on an IK chest at the last second and the item wasn't in his completed tab costing him over 150 mil.

He said he put in a ticket and got the run around by customer service. Dude quit about a week later and hasn't logged on since, he was a fairly well geared plvl 60ish WW barb at the time. Played everyday for several hours.

It was weird that he just up and quit never logging on again when he was the most active person on my friends list, so I believed his story and thought he just got told there was nothing they could do to help him and said F Diablo.
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Blizzard clearly states they provide no support for the Auction House...

Just like a vendor in the 3rd world with a no return policy.
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Bought a Zunimassa's Pox ring for 5M gold, and I haven't received it. Order ID 1527949267.
I've waited for hours.
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Forum necros are running amok!
A popular class the forum necro is!

A lot of them are probably from people using the forum search before starting their own thread. The search doesn't default to date and people aren't that likely to look at the tiny date before posting.

Blizzard's web design is to blame for 99% of thread necros.
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FOOLS...Blizzard had to has a better way of keeping their business....take away ur gold and pass what you buy to put onto AH again to cheat more ppl....

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