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Auction House is STILL broken

I submitted a ticket for this issue but it was closed and I was told the answer was in the FAQ. I was not linked to the answer just the GamePlay FAQ. If you know the answer is in there please post it, I read through the whole damn thing and i can't find it.

My original bug report.
I currently have 10 auctions for 100 count stacks of Fallen Tooth and my prices range from 26 to 30 per piece but when searching for 100 count stacks of Fallen Tooth since I posted my auctions the prices have never gone below 30. Why are my listings not showing?

Updated info on bug report.
I just cancelled one of my auctions to test this with Subtle Essences and they were listed at 26 per piece so I made an auction and priced them at 25. Searching again showed the price still at 26 and then it went to 27, mine at 25 were not returned in the search.

Blizzard reply.
Customer Service Representative


Thank-you for taking the time to petition Blizzard Entertainment Customer Support.

We understand how valuable your time is and how important your concern is however we feel your question can be quickly addressed if you view our knowledge base which has your specific issues listed in detail or the forums which is also loaded with valuable information which can be located at: <http://us.battle.net/support/en/games/diablo3/gameplay-support>

Have a good day and happy gaming!

Blizzard Entertainment Support

The only thing in the FAQ I can find that is even close supports the bug I reported.

For commodities such as crafting materials, gems, gold, and other stackable items, players simply search for the commodity they wish to purchase and enter the quantity they’d like to buy. (Players can’t bid on commodities, only buy them out.) The auction house system will automatically present the player with an estimated cost based on the best prices it could find on the market.

Now obviously this is not true and it is still happening this morning. 100 stacks are going for 39 per piece but my auctions from yesterday that are all below that price have not sold. Overnight 5 of my auctions sold but it was not the 5 lowest priced ones. AH is still broken guys and I think it should be fixed before you try launching the RMAH. I also feel that I was just given the brush off after taking the time to report a bug, what is the point if I am just going to get a canned response instead of someone actually checking if it is a problem.
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This bug happened to me too. I put up some pages for auction at 50g each. But even 2 hours later, when I search it claims that the cheapest ones are 51g each, and my stack sits unsold.
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06/07/2012 10:13 AMPosted by BattleTag
I submitted a ticket for this issue but it was closed and I was told the answer was in the FAQ. I was not linked to the answer just the GamePlay FAQ.

Unrelated to your issue, Blizzard appears to be just mass answering questions with this general FAQ. I had a question about a specific auction (my bid got cancelled by Blizzard support staff and it said to check my email for the reason why, but I had no email from them), and I got linked to the FAQ as well.

They're probably just overwhelmed with support queries is all. Sucks, but there it is.
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I don't understand how they can deploy a patch that does not fix the issue and then turn the AH commodity auction back on. Is the patch not tested to be sure it fixed what it was supposed too? Gems are totally bugged and you will get half to most of your money back when buying them so anyone selling them right now is getting screwed.
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i know this is an old topic but i currently have this problem at RMAH, is there any official statement about this somewhere?
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