Why are the benefits of set items so terrible in this game. I'm not saying they should be end-game material, but seriously, Cain's set adds (and only gets two benefits for a 5-item set) +2 to attack speed and 10% better chance of magic find.... really? That's the glorious benefit you get if you're the one person in the world that can even find ALL the items in a freaking set! Legendaries and set items are despicable in this game. I know they said they're working on it for future patches and that's good, but how did this ever happen in the first place!? Did any of the developers have any clue what people liked about Diablo 2 in the first place? Seriously, I am severely disappointed that any set could ever produce a laughable advantage of +2 attack speed if more than one item is equipped. And why are there not advantages for every set piece, instead just up to 3? There's 5 items in that set (I believe... I apologize if I'm wrong but I know there's more than 3). Sorry to rant, the new patch update sounds good and I'm happy you guys are listening, but I'm somewhat astonished that after this long, this game can be the way it is right now. Patches should be coming out to fix minor problems, not problems Diablo 2 hardly encountered. Not to mention, you had all the feedback from that game 10 freaking years ago to fix those problems.