I just hit level 60 with my DH a few hours ago and spent quite some time picking out new gear with my saved up money. I prioritized CritDmg,Dex,IAS>LifeRegen,Vit,ResistAll

Since I was extremely poor (about 400K) I bought what I could to replace mostly everything.
The problem is i'm only getting about ~38.5k DPS with SS (people are saying they get 80-120k with SS)

I am currently using 2x 1Hand xbows with 517dmg and 483dmg both with 41%Crit and some other random stats. I bought them real cheap just to get rid of my junk 150dmg ones. Spent about 40k total on both.

Should I save up for a 1000dmg 2hand with a quiver or 2x 1hands?
I do enjoy having an AS of 2.80 whereas a 2hand would have much less.

Also tips for a guy new to the Diablo series in general would be heelpful! Thanks!
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