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Help with new Computer setup

Hey u guys.
I would like some feedback and tips for this new computer setup i am going to buy.
It has been awhile since i made my old computer. So i'm not THAT up-to-date

Intel Core i5 3570K - 3.4 GHz - 4 kerner 4 tråde ( Ivy Bridge )
CPU Fan:
Noctua NH-U12P SE2
MAXIMUS V GENE ( Ivy Bridge )
Kingston DDR3 - 1600 MHz - 8GB (2x4) HyperX (grey series)
GFX card:
HDD 1:
OCZ Vertex 3 SSD - 120 GB
Optisk drev 1:
SH-222AB DVD±RW Black
Cooler Master HAF 912 Plus
SilverStone ST60F-P 600W (modulær)

Would that computer do me right for some time? :)

Thank u in advance.
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haha yeah that'll last awhile.

one thing you might want to research if you're big into ocing the cpu, is that the IB runs hotter than the SB. I've no experience ocing both though so I can't say from first hand experience.

i like that psu, you're all ready to throw in another 7850 in any time you like, if they'll both fit on the board. (think you'd be good, that's a great layout for a miniatx.)
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Well, i'm not going to OC it. at least not for now.

The thing that i am worried about is the temp inside the case, and dust. The haf 912 does not have dust filters. But i dont wont to go with a high tower. i pref a mid tower.

the haf 912 comes with front fan, and backside fan. if buy an 200 mm fan for the top, then i should be fine or what? if u can tell me about that. :)?

And thanks for your reply. :)
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I have a Haf 912, and yeah I clean it out every 2-3 weeks. It's not that bad....I wouldn't smoke around it though.

I wouldn't worry so much about temp, mine stays pretty cool (though i keep ac on if it's hot out). Also the Card your getting is really great in terms of heat, as is the cpu if you don't oc it.

I recently got a 200 mm fan, though I haven't installed it yet, the holes didn't all line up for some reason.....so annoyed.

You could also look at the Antec 300's, that's another good model in that price range.

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You are buying some really expensive stuff that you won't need unless you are aiming for something specific involving these hardware.

I would strongly recommend you read through my PC build guide:
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My wife and I both have Antec 300's and we love them... I'm a little mad her case came with the 120/140mm fans that connect to the motherboard, tho. Mine only have molex connectors with an internal 3-speed switch. -__- Thanks, Antec.

Edit: If you were wondering, the Antec 300 has two fans pre-mounted on the top and the back side, while giving two bays up front for two 120mm intake fans (with dust filter), as well as a side-mounted fan to cool your video card. With the two pre-loaded fans exhausting, that'll create somewhat of a negative pressure inside the case, forcing air to draw in from the side and front. I survive without the front-mounted fans.

If you wanted that pull-push effect, the Antec 300 Illusion comes with extra fans up front, although they have horrible blue LEDs. If that's your thing it'll run you an extra $10 or so for that model.
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*Also assuming that you have another HD you're using to store things and the ssd is just for boot up, and maybe one game.

Tbh though my startup is like 30-40 seconds with that cpu and a western dig blue...so not sure if you need the ssd.

They are cool though.

You could also go with a full atx board...antec or haf are really big for mid towers....


I have that and it works quite well. (but for 90 at a local shop...always best to check local shops) Driver updates are a little funky though.
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Antec 300 Illusion is actually on sale right now at Newegg.


Original Price: $69.99
Sale Price: $59.99
MFR: $10.00
$5 Off Promo Code: EMCNDNJ24, ends 6/7
Shipping: Free

You could get that case for $44.99, and that's the model with the intake fans on the front.
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