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HDD Major-Stuttering Solved (Second Thread)

FYI you can do this on 8GB USB, just create mklink for every MPQ except cutscene which is mostly irrelevant to gameplay anyway. Great trick from OP but he just made alot of people spend unecessary $$ for larger usb that they dont need
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Do you have to mklink the single MPQs then with /j or /d ?`I tried both and it didnt work, because the programm tells me that an important MPQ cant be found
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06/07/2012 04:07 PMPosted by Edstroyer
C:\Program Files (x86)\Diablo III\Data_D3\PC
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Guys! if you have 16gb of Ram you can simply do what i did and create a ram disk of say 8 Gb and mklink the mpq folder there! the easiest way is the amd radeon ram disk, which will save at pc shutdown and load at pc boot automatically transparently after the first setup.

I already have there all the WTF, Cache, Interface and Screenshots (no more freeze when you screenshot) of World of Warcraft and i am very happy with it.

For lower ram systems i recommend doing a 1.5gb Ram disk and mklinking there the sound.mpq! Why? in my stuttering/short freeze i realized the problem was not at the actual effect freezing (from a newly seen npc ) but the sound of the effect. By adding the sound.mpq i had a perfect experience. If you try the sound mpq mklink and the performance is way better, i see no reason to search the problems in graphics but in sound ^^.

Also, in case you have really low ram (2Gb) you can do the solution with the usb flash here however you really don't need a usb flash if you have 2 hard disks. You can symbolic link the mpq folder to the other hard disk and problem solved! Seems that the problem is the demand of many small stuff from the disk simultaneously (that's why i think the sound.mpq seems important to have faster and i really wonder if people with expensive sound cards have any problem of this )
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Just tried the original fix and it worked fine.
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Not sure why this doesn't have a sticky. This unlike everything else I tried worked. I copied the game to a USB stick and ran it from there with no issues. Game is lag and stutter free for the first time that i can remember. Thanks so much for the fix!!
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dang after weeks the solution has been found! tried everything else I could find. stuttering/lag/what ever is no more. blues, yellows now flow smooth. single and multiplayer.
This is a coding bug. everyone has HDDs in the same speed. too much data, too often, limited buffering. optimize the dang code!
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I was just about to post to see if there was a way to load the entire game into RAM. I figure 12GB will cut it, if the game can run normally with only 2.

I find it a bit disturbing that anyone should need to do this though. My guess is that the server isn't telling our computers what assets it needs to load, since a list of those assets, if monitored, would be able to give you some information about the local environment. This would leave the computer flat footed and waiting on the hard drive, which if in use already is a problem. Guess I should have installed the game on my second drive.

Actually, in retrospect the OS, general applications, and media should all be on the main drive, and all the games should be on the second, so that the OS & applications, and my games, are never trying to use it at the same time. I'll keep this in mind for my next computer.

EDIT: Guess I was right, this isn't my problem, or not most of it. This is exceptionally frustrating since I can play real time games online with minimal issues, except this one. I it's their ISP, then I guess I should try using a different region until they finally sort it out.
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There are several things going on that seem to cause the same user experience:
1. out of date drivers
2. network lag, I have seen people post 1500ms lags
3. graphics driver resets, I had to UNDER clock my GPU
4. HDD lag--this thread fixed this
5. 8 core issue--patch fixed this
6. vsync issue
7. limit max frame rate
8. drive indexing
9. maybe more

this makes it difficult to figure what is happening on each system. My luck had this show up with patch 1.05 and the same time I rebuilt my PC, turns out for me it was #'s 3,4, and 5 all at the same time

as for Blizzard versus users identifying these, staff of 20,30,50 or 100 versus millions of users with many very experienced, bound to happen
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I found that folder MPQs\Cache has size around 3.5 Gb.

Is it normal? Why it is so large?
May be its better to clean this folder?
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After updating my video card, my Vista computer (which had mild stutters before) got MAJOR stutters (like, 10 seconds before my character even appeared after transporting). After trying lots of stuff...

I got a mouse driver direct from Logitech instead of using the default Microsoft driver.

Yep, the stutters are gone!
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have 2 questions

1. does it work better if I have a external harddrive ? or is a usb thumbdrive better ?

2. what difference does it make when I just copy the whole diablo 3 folder instead of the mklink method ?
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Hope it worked for someone, but didn't do anything for me. Perhaps I was already on SSD, flash, etc etc.

Anyway, doesn't feel like it makes much sense to go for a work around for me to begin with, it was fine in 1.04, and then 1.05 came.

Blizz, you break it, you fix it. promptly?

1.05 - 1.06 and no fix. I wonder if I should feel pissed or sigh.
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bump for my question ^ ^

blizz is probably concentration on gameplay related changes and the upcoming PvP patch
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you want a solution to this issue?

what worked for me: install windows 8

the massive stuttering loading stopped instantly, never saw it again. the lag fps drop during massive fights, all gone.

i know a new OS just to test if it runs better seems like a stretch but this solved the issue for me that has plagued me since the 2nd week of the diablo 3 release.

but to answer the question of the poster above: if windows 8 isn't something you are willing to try i did the usb stick and the links that solution cut my spikes in half
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Would it be possible with networking? Plan is that I would put the MPQs to home network and make the link to there... the network speed should be pretty good to support this? But is it possible?
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wtb fix this annoyance
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Posting to find later, thanks
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okay this worked until the latest 1.06 192837490 patch, orig MPQs location now has a locked MPQs folder in it. Game played then locked and now does not play.
OP said to "just delete the link" for an update, well I hit the delete key and nothing happend (LOL). just how do you just delete the link? the dir on the flash drive or is there a .lnk file someplace that needs to go, searched but cant find a .lnk file
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