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HDD Major-Stuttering Solved (Second Thread)

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i will contest that this worked flawlessly only files i couldnt get to transfer were some locked ones but just skipped them and everything is super smooth now spent 2 days trying to fix that fps drop oc my cpu from 2.66 to 3.8 then oc my graphics card and to find out it was my hdd.

thank u so much great post
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Hello, I play Diablo on old laptop, got there only usb 2.0.

Will this method work with 2.0 or do I need usb 3.0?


P.S. I got SD card reader there too, it is faster then usb 2.0?
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USB 2.0 is fine.
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Works Flawlessly! Tnx for the research u have done, bump this thread guys!!
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does it work when i use an external hdd with usb instead of a stick/sd card?
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omfg!! it helped thnx u so much!!

all the stuttering is gone, sometimes a little bit but i can play the game normal again!
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okay I did it, but when I went to cmd administrator mode it didn't say symbolic link. I copied the file to my usb, but I don;t know if I copied the cmd thing correctly please help.
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i think your in the right track bro, the poster said that when you get a symbolic link message then your good to go.

i'll try this thing also when i get home, the stuttering really sucks kills me everytime i load d3 for the first time.
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I'm confused on what (x86) is..
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03/24/2013 08:00 PMPosted by Yoloswagxoqt
I'm confused on what (x86) is..

I take you you mean c:\program files (x86)
on 64 bit windows installations
there will be 2 program files folders
c:\program files
c:\program files (x86)

x86 = 32 bit installations

on 32 bit windows installations there is only 1 default program files folder
c:\program files

so find your diablo installation in either one if you need to.

btw: i think loading mpq files on the thumbdrive via symbolic links is just troublesome in its implementation, you should simply make a copy of your whole diablo installation to a thumbdrive. then run the game off the thumbdrive directly. no fuss/with much easier to understand instructions.

if you want a launcher, then open up notepad. type in

start "" "h:\diablo iii\Diablo III Launcher.exe"

(where h:\diablo iii) is the usb drive\folder than contains the d3 install.

then save it on your desktop as d3usb.cmd

double click that to play. you can pin it to taskbar/start menu if you want as well
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cd "C:\Program Files (x86)\Diablo III\Data_D3\PC"
mklink /j "C:\Program Files (x86)\Diablo III\Data_D3\PC\MPQs" "E:\MPQs"

Does not work for me gives me "The filename, directory name, or volume lable syntax is incorrect." any idea why it does that?
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Haven't done the fix yet, but I'm so glad to find this thread. Happens to me every time I play. Can't wait to see the performance upgrade.

I went ahead and got a 32gb flash drive, in case they make the MPQs larger over time.
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Will see if this works form me also.

My Rig:
Asus P8Z68-V PRO, i7 2600k @ 4.3, 16GB DDR3 Ram, Sandisk Extreme 240GB SSD, EVGA GTX 680 Hydro Copper
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This is great. I always had a very good framerate, but the stuttering was annoying in a lot of places.
after this, I have very little stuttering now and then, but otherwise it runs perfectly. Thanks for this!
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This is the last thing iv'e tried. Did not work for me. Guess I just have to accept that the game is broken and there doesn't seem to be any fix coming from blizzard anytime soon.
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I finally tried this solution. Bought an USB2.0 16GB and moved the files to it. It worked. The initial lag I always had is completely gone.

Before I had lag, stutter and freezes for about a half hour everytime I logged in to the game for the first time of the day. It was like I had to play through a whole act to load it before I again could play it smoothly wihout lag.
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this thread solved my problems.
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More expensive solution.


Make a 16GB RAM Disk and install D3 on it.

Won't get any faster than running the entire game in RAM.
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Would this solution be possible on a external Hard Drive? I currently don't have access to a pen drive and don't really want to purchase one just in case this does not work, so wondering if I can use one of the HDDs I use to store my animes instead

Edit : Just tried copying the entire game folder onto my external HD and ran it. Still got the lag spikes, this time the frequency and severity is much reduced, but still bad enough. Does this method differ much from your solution OP?
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