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Staff of Herding disappearing

I love the fact that it's signed by a WOW in-game support, thus showing you they have less than an ample supply of Customer service to actually answer their complaints. Secondly, it's as simple as the fact that WOW does in fact have an item reimbursement system. So, they just in fact choose to keep ignoring the issue of this being their fault and/or problem. Blizz your inability to fix this issue along with numerous other issues is the epitome of poor customer service. It's a lack of your ability to show you have customer service on any level, other than to continue to blame us because you have no other option. You disgust me, it's very obvious you just don't care. Your development team and so-called quality assurance staff is quite pathetic. You haven't answered a single post on this thread in at least 5 days now, or at all for that matter. You continue to push people with bugs and problems to the side like we don't matter. I can tolerate a lot of bs, your ias nerfs, your changes to equipment, your inability to properly test any of these changes before you implement them. However, the real coup de grace here is your inability to fix items and issues that DO exist. I truly loathe your customer service, it is sad and uncalled for. How many millions of dollars were spent for you to make, produce, and distribute this game? How is it such a tedious element, like that of missing equipment just continues to be brushed to the side?

I'm still waiting for a community member or developer to respond to anything that has to do with this thread. You continue to skirt around the issue of no fallback system for item replacement here on diablo 3 when WOW in fact has it. I absolutely refuse to rerun the items needed for this staff. This is not my fault, it's never been dropped on the ground, because my inventory was never full. What part of this don't you understand? What part of this statement in plain English do you fail to comprehend? Why do you continue to push your loyal players to the back burner when it's simply called doing a character restoration?

I challenge any blue community member, any person who actually reads these forums to post something of intelligence on the matter. You skate around the obvious issue. I've said from day one that I had my staff sitting in the first page of my inventory when I logged out. I logged in the very next day and that spot was empty. I didn't do anything else when I logged in. I didn't purchase further items, I didn't put anything in my stash. I went to my stash to grab my staff and it was gone. Just a blatantly empty slot in my first page of my stash in the very middle. Quit laying blame on myself and others. We're sick to death of it.

I'll probably sit here for the next two weeks continuing to post on this same subject. I bet there's not a single person on any development staff that has enough gumption or fortitude to put up a single statement that entails anything other than a continuous blaming of the player base at large. This is a fair fact, because it continues to happen. I've said it before and I'll say it again. Don't you think there is the slightest, tiniest bit of a chance, that something in your code went awry and screwed up. One last note on the subject is you continue to avoid the issue of item replacement.
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still no fix on this, bumping an old thread.
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That S !!!!! did not get any answer myself, have signed petition.

can we at least go for another round and get it again ? ...RRRRRR !!!!!! so upset
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I don't care how old this thread is, I didn't bother to look. Like many of you, I spent a lot of time farming for my staff, now all of a sudden I upgraded my staff, went to whym. and ran through the level.


Now I restarted the game on a higher MP and my staff is gone, it has disappeared. My inventory wasn't even full.


Some people MIGHT of actually payed MONEY to gain the gold, or gear necessary to farm for these items, people dump money into their accounts all the time, luckily I am not one of them, but I do know this was very disappointing and didn't expect such a HUGE BUG from Blizzard.

Get your $60 game on point and stop being so lazy, were in 1.0.8 now and if such a rare, account-bound item can disappear I don't even know if I want to play.

What if my whole character just DISAPPEARED?

This needs to be addressed.

EDIT: After reading two posts above mine, that Blizzard and it's community forum members in 'blue' (whoever the hell you guys are, apparently no one important), I see that this issue won't be fixed, and that you are BLAMING THE PLAYERS? Seriously? That's like someone taking back food at McDonalds and saying they stuck a hair in it, after THEY put it there.

This is YOUR coding, us players aren't idiots and we would be better off getting the materials for a new staff then writing this, but I was just playing with a few family members, and it disappears upon a restart to raise the MP. No player mistake there.

Sorry but you guys are caught lying red handed in my eyes, cause I know my sh*t was there, and now it's not. If that's player mistake, then I'm selling this buggy game that IS NOT ready to be sold in stores.
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Hey everyone, this appears to be an ongoing issue... I've been farming act 4 and I keep finding plans to make a staff of herding... except it's account bound and I cannot use it, I've dropped it many times so that others can pick it up and it keeps on appearing every time....
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Hello from 2016, still happening. It was in my stash, and now there is a hole in my stash where it was, and in my heart :(.
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same thing hapend to me, at least i got two left
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