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Bad Roll Yellows - Vendor or Salvage?

I have a ton of bad roll yellows just sitting around, best to salvage or sell to merchants?
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level 60 I salvage. Under that I vendor.
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I always just sell to the merchants, since leveling up the blacksmith and then paying even more money to get a random item roll seems like a waste to me.
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Look at the price of the salvage mats on the AH then look at the price the vendor will give you for the item. Then go with whichever one gets you the better deal.
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I salvage level 60 equipment and level 59 ring/ammy/follower. I vendor the rest.
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Level 60 mats sell for more than vendor prices, under 60 just charsi that !@#$
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I vendor anything not worth going onto the AH. I will start salvaging stuff if I see that the 1.03 patch makes crafting actually worth it.
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06/11/2012 11:35 AMPosted by Cambob
Drop them for people in public games and then scream "I AM A TREASURE GOBLIN".. then disappear into a magic hole.

I like this idea the best. i think ima start doing it with every rare under 60 i find
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My inventory is usually stuffed with trashy yellows, and when a new one drops I just dump the trashiest piece I have to make room for it. Vendors pay less than you find in most gold piles. And crafted items are all trash, for the most part.

If it's not useful to you, and isn't worth selling at the AH, just leave it on the ground and make room for stuff that is. With fewer trips to town, you're more likely to find the stuff that's worth it more quickly.
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If lower than 60, vendor.
If level 60, look at price.
If vendor price is low, salvage.
If vendor price is high, vendor.

At least this is what I have been doing in order to save up materials for when they drop the price of crafting.
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Salvage them. Sooner or later you'll find some blacksmith plans, which create better items than the blacksmith usually has. Those are often worth crafting.
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