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Dual 1-h xbows

Before I spend my hard earned 10 mill on a 2-H Xbow should I consider two high-end 1-H Xbows? Currently setting at around 73k dps buffed hoping my next purchase will get me over the 100k mark.
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If you only have 10m you should go the 2h route.

Buying 2 1 handers that are going to be comparible will be more expensive....trust me. I'm currently doing it and its not cheap.
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Only time 1h xbows are useful is if you have a !@#$ load of gold to spend. Because for them to be useful, they need stats such as +crit dmg, max discipline, hatred regen, socketed, etc. Otherwise they just dont really compete with 2h bows.
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Unless you find awesome bonus stats (+200dex +, +, +) on each one, it really does not seem like it would be worth it to use 2x1H. While it would look cool, getting a good quiver with 15%ias gets rid of the speed bonus and 1H with good dps are quite a bit more expensive than the equivalent 2h.

One place I have considered it is to get a good 1H and use it with a good shield to stay upright longer. You would need to find a shield with good stats plus ias (if that is possible).
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