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World of farming gear, thats all this game will be worth the way its going.

It doesn't matter if the gear is from a boss or from a group of elites..

That seems to be the only goal in mind..


If my end game goal is to use my gear to kill a rare pack of elites.

I won't be here long after i kill diablo, i'll play with rmah.

But after awhile it will feel like a job, this game won't be fun or challenging.
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I agree he should be more challenging that any elite pack in the game. As it stands I can solo him on inferno with my monk and even do it with someone else in the game. However I still can't take out an elite pack of act3 leapers which i find absolutely stupid.

Hopefully with the upcoming patch this should change but if they nerf boss loot then there really wont be much of a point to spend 15-20 mins trying to kill diablo when its way more efficient to go kill elite packs

One of the perfect post that explains my point the best.
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06/08/2012 02:41 PMPosted by Chronocide
I have not killed diablo on inferno,
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06/08/2012 03:26 PMPosted by Immortal
I have not killed diablo on inferno,


I do not have to beat something

To want it harder.

You guys are just idiots and closed minded.
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I have not killed diablo on inferno,

06/08/2012 03:34 PMPosted by Grace
You can make Diablo harder in inferno by wearing less gear. If you beat him and though he was too easy, then you were probably just farming low level areas too long and got over geared. At the end of the day that's actually how it should be, because once you get amazing end game gear, everything should be on farm status easy mode just so you can roll tons of items and farming continues to be somewhat interesting for a person who has played as much as a person with that much gear has.

Yes thank you, might try that if i ever do feel like this game will become less challenging.

Doesn't feel right though, a few stat numbers shouldn't define hard.

I want to have alot of fun with Diablo 3.

Blizzard promised inferno to be hard


Now they cave in to the population of softcore players, they plan on nerfing it.

I just don't forsee this being that fun for as long as i hoped..

Farming gear will only be fun for so long.

Then it will feel like a job.

And i already have a job.
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