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Why do people hate Athene?

I dont hate him but I find his theory of everything to be absurd, since when did consciousness c become c=ma by converting the lorentz equation into his formula? Absurd
If you want to give to charity, give to charity -- don't encourage this type of behavior. Lord knows we don't need any more self-proclaimed pros posting youtube videos.
He's like the guy you knew growing up. He was a part of your friend group, but nobody really knew why and everyone loved to mess with him or see him have a bad time of things.

At least that's how he feels to me. Just one of those people with a kind of annoying personality.
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Because he's the best paladin in the world...

Pfsssht around the corner!

Lmao I actually laughed at this comment! Video was hilarious! :-D
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06/08/2012 09:51 PMPosted by badg3rblood
I've only heard of this guy since diablo 3 came out. I know he seems kind of cocky in his videos, is this why? What else has he done to deserve all the hate. At least he plays for charities. I saw the 300million hacked video on youtube I thought that was hilarious. Anyways, someone fill me in about this guy?

As far as I can see there are two types of people in the world:

1.) Those that like Athene and everything he does for dem kids

2.) Those that are jealous.

What an arrogant 3 year old you are.
06/08/2012 09:07 PMPosted by NiteCore
No one will sell at $1.00, and few will buy from spammers. I would say $10.00 per 1 milion is a fair price. Mark my word.

If gold even stays remotely close to $10 per million, playing D3 is going to be my new job. It's actually fun and you get like 3 or so million gold per hour just killing stuff. Practice and die less, and you can probably bump that to 4-5 mill per hour while having fun.... lol.

Gold staying at even close to $10/million is not going to happen.

new job?

lol good luck actually making enough to even mean anything
I honestly say that I hate him. He is so arrogant and could really use a shave and a haircut. Other people do the work for him. Blah, It's definitely a person I'm taking distance from.

Basicially, he's telling people he mindscrewed all for "charity"
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yes he did earn it, i am a personal friend of athene and when he see's jelly "nubs" like you he gets really sad, he got so sad one time after a stream he skyped me and almost cried from the LoL forums just ripping on him, he earned the gear his fans gave him by being entertaining, the fans didn't have to give stuff to him it was their own choice. he calls people "noobs", and "scrubz" because that's part of his act. Hate on a friendly guy who raised 1mill for africans, you sir need 10 weeks of psychology.

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