Diablo® III

question about items and waiting........

What up,

I was just wondering about item identification and teleporting..........


I am a player of action and one of things I loved about the old Diablo 2 LOD was the immediacy of how things were done! want to identify? blam! TP out of danger anyone? BLAM!

These 2 simple factors of waiting to identify an item and waiting to teleport to town jus piss me the "F" off!!!!! As a player I want to spend less time waiting to find out what garbage i just picked up so I can sell it all and get back in the action of farming again.

IMHO diablo is "action rpg" and in no way should it resemble things from WOW an MMORPG.

Who wants to wait to play the potentially best "action rpg" ??? who wants to wait!!!!

Speaking of waiting...........WHY AM I WAITING TO REVIVE?!?!?!?!?! WHY WHY WHY?!?!?!?!

Can someone say WoW......Wow?!?!?!?! This is Diablo!!!!! Diablo 3!!!! and like in act 4 it should be the pinnacle of heaven!!!!!!

I know I'm complaining and frankly I dont give a damn because I am still craving the same immediacy, the same one that made diablo 2 kick asss, and the same that would make D3 even more epic.....

To reiterate:

Action, speed, Blam identifying, Blam town portaling, Blam reviving!!! = GOOOOODDD!!!!!

Waiting to identify, waiting to teleport, waiting half a minute to revive = ZZZZzzzzZZZZzzzzZZZ pardon my french but it is the equivalent of a blow job and i dont mean the payoff......i mean SUCKING!!!!!

If there is anything that you should take back from this post its..........Blam!!!!

Blizzard please bring back that immediacy that which is BLAM!!!!!!!!

please reply all LOD classic players!!!

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trying to get this changed....

i can deal with identifying and tping...... but waiting half a min to play the game is silly....c mon blizz and players.

holler back on this thread!
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I dont understand the wait to revive..but the town portal and identifying wait is probably to prevent people to teleport to town throught townportal to town healer while fighting big bosses..

but waiting to revive to play really is pissing me off too..
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