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06/12/2012 09:06 PMPosted by Shadow
some 15in unless you specifically tell your mac to switch over to the higher graphics card

This was only the case for the first few models of the unibody MacBook Pro (which had the 9600M GT). From 2009+ the dual GPU systems seamlessly switch between the crappier integrated GPU to the discrete one depending on the graphics load.

So in for the Anandtech article I'm pretty sure the GT 650M kicked in as soon as the D3 login window appeared (doubt the HD 4000 can even handle that at 2880x1800).
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From the other sticky I posted this excerpt from the engadget review:

"To create such a scenario, we installed one of the hottest games of the moment, Diablo III, and cranked it up to full resolution and full graphical details. We did, however, make one exception: anti-aliasing. When you're running at 2880 x 1800, there's no real need.

We were quite happily surprised to see the frame rate hovering between 25 and 30 fps as we explored a few towns and crawled a few dungeons -- perfectly playable at an obscene resolution. Turning it down to something a little more reasonable, 2048 x 1280, netted 40 to 45 fps and running at a relatively mundane 1280 x 800 delivered frame rates over 70. This, then, is a quite passable gaming machine."

That seems perfectly playable at "full graphical details". And it should get better once Blizzard "optimizes" the game for the Retina resolution like they say they are doing now for a later patch.
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Confirmed, looks and runs great on mine. Check out the sticky post above.

My one and only story submission:
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Yeah I have the new macbook pro it runs WoW beautifully on the 2880 x 1800 but its not optimized so tons of UI scaling makes the UI tiny ect. hope its optimized soon because it is freaking beautiful apple + blizzard = the end of my social life.
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06/15/2012 10:34 AMPosted by Milktruck
Yeah I have the new macbook pro it runs WoW beautifully on the 2880 x 1800 but its not optimized so tons of UI scaling makes the UI tiny ect. hope its optimized soon because it is freaking beautiful apple + blizzard = the end of my social life.

Haha! This is good to hear. I have one ordered but it's not shipping for at least a week. Can't wait! Which model did you get and what are your settings?
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I bought the laptop a few hours ago, was expecting it can support a full high setting game but it cannot, it lags, (i didnt put any upgrade, like more ram and stuff.. cause i bought it from the store directly AND its so expensive as it is). the visual quality is still superior though compared to the old macbook i had.. now i have to work over time shifts again to make up for that big purchase i made :/
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Hi guys, I have the new Macbook Pro w/Retina display. The machine is beautiful but unless there are huge tweeks coming from blizz/apple/nvidia, one won't be able to play the game at full resolution.

I'm getting like 20 FPS, and the game feels sluggish. It looks freaking beautiful, and it would be the most amazing thing ever if some really smart peeps could get this running smooth enough to play hardcore.

On a side-note, I'm having a hard time pushing the numbers/shift/alt buttons, so i remapped the shift to tab and alt to command.... this leads to the awkward command-tab push... is there a way to disable this?
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In the options you can disable mac specific commands, this also (at least for me) killed command+tab functionality.
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I dont think it runs very well on my retina. I also have problem with "Downloading additional content" windows when i start the game or when i go between diffrent maps. Anyone with same problem? I run mountain lion.
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I have the retina and love how the game looks, much better than any other laptop I've owned and I've gone through three recently before I settled on the MBPr. I run the game on 1712x1070 with texture on high, the others on medium or low (don't notice much difference on high anyways). I think a resolution setting around there is best for looks and performance. The only problem I'm having now is the game will sometimes freeze up in heavy battles, and takes a minute or two to come back... by then I'm usually dead. It only happens in MP though, haven't noticed it in SP maybe because there isn't as much going on in the field.

Another thing I've noticed is having to change the gamma setting each time I log in. Other than that, I've not had any problems with the game. I have Mountain Lion also.
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I JUST got a brand new (late 2012) 15" MacBook Pro w/ Retina - upgraded a good bit and I can play at the native 2880x1800 res at typically 30FPS consistently.

I personally am SURPRISED that I find this playable at 30FPS and it is STUNNING to see just how sharp the graphics are at that resolution.

I am one whom normally NEEDS at least a steady 60FPS to tolerate a game but I think, so far, Diablo 3 is being played at the native 2880x1800 Retina resolution. I am on playthrough 2 with my level 41 Berserker and so far so good. On harder difficulties this may change so I will reply to this thread in the future if I discover anything that may help others considering this computer out!

Here is what I ended up getting from Apple:
* I took the base model that runs $2799 and ended up spending approx $3600ish with the following features:

Intel i7 2.6GHZ cpu w/ hyperthreading up to 3.6ghz (this was the standard cpu for this base model)
16GB 1600mhz DDR3 ram (this was upgraded from the base model's 8GB)
512GB SSHD (upgraded from the base models 256GB)
Intel HD Graphics 4000 512 MB (I believe this isnt the video card D3 uses though)
NVIDIA GeForce GT 650M with 1GB of GDDR5 memory (I think this is the one D3 uses)

I play D3 with all settings turned to HIGH with the exception of shadows which I have set to Low (smooth) and have turned anti-aliasing off. Its very odd to me that the frames tend to stay at EXACTLY 30FPS at this resolution and every now and then in very heavy battles it dips to EXACTLY 20FPS. I have never seen a different FPS than those 2 at this resolution which makes me think there has been some work behind the scenes to make this game more playable at the Retina display.

If i turn the display down to like 2064x whatever (forget the exact res but its over what an HD tv would run) and with that I get an easy 60FPS (the screen will read like 59.9-60 constantly changing by like .1 but no notice in playability) but whats interesting while playing at ANY res LOWER than the native retina, the FPS actually changes, even if by only 1FPS or a .1FPS change....

I guess what I am getting at is it seems like for the more powerful MacBook Pro's with Retina that the frame rate is like LOCKED at 30FPS (so says the screen) and never seems to change and if it does its 20FPS exactly every single time. I have turned on in the most extreme battles and once they are over the 20FPS goes RIGHT back up to exactly 30FPS.

So all in all, I would suggest this laptop to anyone who can afford as I love it not only for D3 but for everything else it can do, BUT anyone expecting to play at such a crazy high resolution of 2880x1800 at a 60FPS should know that as of now (and probably until they up the GPU to like 2GB) that just isnt going to happen!

Hope this helps out!
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I have a Macbookpro with retina display. My experience is that WOW will work for a while but then suddenly will get all sorts of graphics problems with lines zigzagging all over the place. If U try to continue, it gets worse to the point that you can't play. The only resoluion that I have found is to shutdown (not restart) the laptop, wait about 10 seconds, and the fire it back up and get back into WOW. It will take you back to where you were before. Too bad if you were in an instance as you will then probably be alone or kicked out of the group.I cannot find anywhere on the web that explains how to avoid this. I have tried mixing around with the graphics settings but nothing works. I am dearly hoping that Blizzard will, eventually, fix this annoying issue.
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