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Help me with Blizzard/Cold-blooded passive

Ok, so I have heard conflicting things from many different sources about the interaction between Blizzard (applies a chill effect) and the Cold-Blooded Rune (applies 20% more cold damage to chilled targets).

My question is, how exactly do they work together? If Blizzard is my only Cold skill, will it get 20% increased damage from Cold-Blooded? Will every tick get the bonus, or will the 1st tick apply the chill effect and all ticks after that get the 20% bonus, but not the first?
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Not all Blizzard runes are considered cold damage. Lots of threads about this.
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What about snowbound (20 ap rune, regular blizzard)? From googling, I've gotten tons of conflicting answers.
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bump for answer!
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It is not works on spell, which apply frozen/chilled. Blizzard will do 20% more damage only after frost nova/ray of frost effect.
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Anyone else have opinions on this that have tested? I'm really curious
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Blizzard chills target i think which on your screen you see snare so It seems to me the dmg should increase Not sure but ill test it and find out
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Was curious about this myself, so I tested and confirmed that it indeed, does.

Using only Blizzard on a few packs (of the same mob type) in a2 without cold blooded and noted the most common tick occurring was for 4145. I then preformed the same test with cold blooded selected; this time I noticed that Blizzard was no longer ticking at all for 4145 and the most common tick occurring was now for 4974.

Voila: 4145 * 1.2 = 4974

Tested further on a couple other mob types and higher tick values and it was all consistent with a +20% damage gain. I had trouble trying to confirm the if the first tick incurred a bonus as well, but I figure if you're only hitting mobs with 1 tick of Blizzard, a +20% bonus is pretty irrelevant.
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Agree with SeeK
I test it too
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