Diablo® III

Diablo® III Players Banned

Thank You! Ban them all! and since real money is going to be involved... Take legal action too!
I want to play diablo 3 hurry !
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This is good! Any news on when 1.03 coming out ?
More please!!

Zarhym/Blizzard, well done but I suggest you need to check out your Facebook page. There are those very people laughing at the situation, and are going in with the mentality that "Ill just use bots until I'm banned" - Then they create new accounts and go straight back at it.

I know its not an easy issue to solve, and good on you for taking some action, but is this really a solution and wasnt the whole reason of enforcing online play to stop these sorts of things?

How many alternate accounts will hackers and cheats want to create before they decide to get more enjoyment out of hacking legit accounts and getting fair users banned?

If they get banned 20 times and have to buy the game again 20 times then that is just more money for Blizzard and the Bot accounts still get banned in the end. It is a win win for Blizzard and D3 real players.
finally blizzard is actually doing something good.
off course
Well done! When is Mainty over? Lol
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Nice thanks blizz..
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+1 Thank you.
rollback everything to day 1 imo. Too many exploits allowed players to unfairly progress where they wouldn't have been able to otherwise. That gave them an unfair advantage. Plus, billions of gold being intoduced into the economy since release from the PC clock duping has already, no doubt, filtered its way into nearly every pocket.
Thank you, now maybe this will encourage the Auction House prices to drop to a realistic number! =D
i hope you ban several hundred thousand more asap.
Good work.
06/12/2012 07:11 AMPosted by DJG
Is it just me or does this number seem low?

its like a grain of sand in a kids sand pit means nothing but good job non the less

At least its a start, hopefully there security team has some good ways to detect botters as other games do. With the implimentation of the RMAH Botters are going to artificially drive down the price of gold for players wishing to sell it. It is basically bad for everyone involved if they do.
I got this kind of message twice when try to logon so i need to verify it again using sms authenticator..
I didnt use bot or illegal programs,i still dun know why its happened..
Does anyone have the same problem with me?
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Excellent !!

I hate cheaters

Can we find more like that?
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