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[Note: this is a reply to the previous sticky - which Blizzard has shut after asking for feedback -
concerning limits on the number of games a player may make within a certain period of time]

In what way is this an improvement, I think limiting players is a less desirable alternative to allocating more server power to the game so that it runs without "band-aid" style heuristics.

[sorry to put this here but it seems Blizzard gave me no choice]
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What about the players who were suspended or banned but had not done any botting or broken any of the many TOS rules. I wonder how many of those thousands fell into that category. One day last week I was just playing some on a low level character. I wasn't farming for anything just questing. I got a msg "You have been removed from the game by an administrator". I am able to keep playing so not banned thank goodness, but since Blizzard has refused to accept real Tech Support calls and there is no way to talk to an admin online I was unable to find out why I was removed from the game. I'm left feeling like it was just arbitrary that Blizzard just bounced a random number of people because they felt like there were too many people in the game. Instead of punishing the players Blizzard why don't you use your vast coffers of money to upgrade and improve your infrastructure (oh right that would cost you money not us)? It's hard enough to stay connected to D3 at all. And now we are being punished for trying to play the game period. Enough people are angry about how things are now that you will not have to ban players Blizzard, they will soon start leaving the game on their own and in droves. Don't say I did not tell you so.
It is unfortunate for people that play an honest game get tagged for cheating, but it does happen. To the guy above, keep after Blizzard and get your account reinstated and try to not let this sour your game experience. Something similar happened to me with WoW and I was upset at first, but quickly got over it once I had my account back.

Now, for those with comments like Ravaen... Personally, I have no need or desire to stay in any chat room. Usually, the first thing I do when logging into D3 is leave general chat...those gold spammers can spam their little heart out because I will never see it. With 'free trial' accounts out there, you will never fully ban all the gold spammers. Might as well get used to seeing it, or just leave the channel (as I and everyone I know have started doing).

However, if you feel the need to talk in public rooms and such, without any restrictions on the chat rooms (i.e. Only those who have a registered product are allowed to chat) you might as well get used to seeing the spam. The problem will not be solved easily. Even if something like that (limiting features on trial games) was implemented, it is only a matter of time until a cracking program is made to generate 'valid' product codes.

It is what it is.

I just bought the game 2 days ago and played less than 45 minutes. After then I found my D3 account has been suspended. Ridiculous!
After playing D3 for only 6 days, my account was hacked! This game seems kinda fail anyway
Stew, dont blame anyone but yourself for your account getting hack. You most likely downloaded a fake bot or some other program.
I am planning to file a consumer complaint to USA.gov and the FTC. I believe this was a violation of consumer rights. I just bought this game and did nothing and my D3 account has been suspended!
06/14/2012 04:44 PMPosted by zhanggening
am planning to file a consumer complaint to USA.gov and the FTC. I believe this was a violation of consumer rights. I just bought this game and did nothing and my D3 account has been suspended!

I was gonna go that route with Blizzard on WoW...

But i just unsubbed and never played again. They are not worth another minute of my time or money on that game.

I play by the rules, and Yes some people who are legit do get banned. Such as myself on WoW.

(IE....In the middle of a serious heroic raid, and banned me for botting In a raid....good lord! They did not care, But i would love to see a bot in action in a 25 man raid being the main Tank! LOL)
06/14/2012 05:01 PMPosted by CrypticJ
Good riddance. All who recieved deserved.

Yes, even the innocent are found guilty of murder in RL Sometimes......Yes they deserve it!

Good riddance. All who recieved deserved.

Yes, even the innocent are found guilty of murder in RL Sometimes......Yes they deserve it!


Except unlike real life; they have a record of everything that happened on your account.

Real life mistaken judgments are based off of "burden of proof" which sometimes involves witnesses and reasonable conjectures on what "could have happened."
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how about you ban all those sell bots who spam the crap out of chat, to the point of talking being not possible at all...?

I know what you want to say... i should just block them and report myslef. I do, I did and I shall... thing is my block list is full so i cant block anyone no more :O
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Good Job Battle net!!! just saying!!!
06/14/2012 06:11 PMPosted by uwish
But please, keep the bans coming, and please, delete all of the characters and let everyone start clean, because I don't see anyway that the Auction House will ever normalize without it.

For every idea you have and suggest for blizzard to do, you need to ask yourself, in what way will this effect real money profits for blizzard. At the moment with the massive influx of illegitimate gold, the IGG AH is an undesirable place to trade really. Fixing it and making it a desirable place to trade would take at least a small fraction of business away from the RMAH. And that would be bad for $.

The whole way through my progression, I would make a half dozen levels, then go on the ah spend a few gold and upgrade all my gear, by entering the current stats of my gear and a maximum buyout, and then just buying whats best in my price range... I continued that up until 60, when i probably spent around 200-300k upgrading my gear. Then i got a bit into inferno and went back to the ah to look at upgrading again, and whilst putting in the stats of my current gear realised that everything had gone up about 10X in price minimum. In the space of about three days my 18k blue rings were priced over 500k. My weapon would have fetched up near a mil i paid 50k for it....

Every item of my own gear i looked at was worth a fortune...and there is no way im going to be able to farm 50 million gold in any reasonable amount of time to upgrade...probably just my weapon. You know what that encourages me to do?

Yeah you guessed it...look at the RMAH.

Blizzard is the devil.
on an unrelated note if I keep losing treasure goblins to constant server lag I am gonna pour Tabasco sauce in my behind.
Thats GREAT I'm all for fair play....keep up the good work ;)
LOL Granny....I get that too!! but I just wait for it to pass....why get mad? Does it really help any?.....maybe the old blood pressure.....I got to watch that....hehehehehe
i've been "removed by an admin", too.... my account hasn't been banned, blocked, or anything else, so i really think they just did that randomly to make their not really sufficient servers work. sometimes i really regret not having made use of my right to return. i hope this


is gonna work. you can't play whenever you want to, how you want to or are able to (i've been wearing a cast till yesterday, so my gameplay mostly sucked, being one-handed - but h-e-ll yeah, it got me "removed by admin", anyways! i most have rocked it without realizing it!!!!!). i LOVED dia 2, and i really came to enjoy dia3 as well - but with all these issues, it's starting to be a real pain in the behind. i'm an honest-to-god person, i've never cheated in my life. i don't even know HOW to cheat in a game. i got 300k gold on my stash, i sell gems cheap on the auction house (i'm a girl and just love bling-bling stuff, and want everyone to have it ^^), and i have 1 character on lvl 60 (started playing on release day) - so how could i be a cheater!? i'd just LOVE to hear an explanation.
06/14/2012 04:44 PMPosted by zhanggening
I am planning to file a consumer complaint to USA.gov and the FTC. I believe this was a violation of consumer rights. I just bought this game and did nothing and my D3 account has been suspended!

lol no you aren't. (Because you clearly didn't even read the TOS you AGREED to that you are trying to DISPUTE)
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