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Build - Inferno DH Guide

Build I use: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/demon-hunter#aRXVjY!Tef!ccZbcb

The demon hunter play style is primarily ranged, although this isn't always the case with champion packs that have teleport, vortex, and mortar.

This build is designed so that you shouldn't ever get hit, however it is still forgiving enough to prevent you from being one-shotted. so don't be afraid to get close, you can still smokescreen and escape leaving a trail of traps behind if needed.

I tend to focus on a high DPS output with increased ATK speed and movement speed. Vitality is important though not as important as resistance.

DEX >Crit DMG> Vitality> Resistance> IAS > STR > Armor

Helm I gem with Amethyst just for the extra health, though i mainly use an emerald.
Gear should be gemmed with an emerald for Dexterity.
Weapon should be gemmed with an emerald for the crit damage. (The highest you can afford)

every gear piece should have Dex and at least 2 of the other attributes from above.

Prices in the AH for gear is getting a little ridiculous, however the trade channel and trade forums i have found to have very reasonable prices.

This build works with either 2 1-handed xbows or a (bow or crossbow) and a quiver.

If your going to use a quiver make sure it has a high IAS , dex, and a discipline buff goes a long way against invulnerable or shielding enemies.

Further information on stat breakdowns can be found here. thanks to nxmehta for the work:

starting any fight begins with applying mark of death, when fighting Illusionists, apply mark of death to one of the primaries. This allows other party members to see which one should be targeted.

Stacking crit damage allows me to open up the fight with a very large burst of dps from elemental arrow. Once the sharpshooter buff resets, drop your caltrops and step back a few paces.

Depending on the situation, if you have a bottleneck map, you can drop multiple caltrops on top of each other. activating smokescreen will cause the enemies to stop and stand on top of the active trap. Re-apply Mark of death when needed. when you come out of smokescreen, depending on your hatred level, either use hungering arrow to bring up your hatred, or continue using elemental arrow. If your discipline is low, hold off on using preparation unless you need it. saving this for a quick health buff will save your life. especially against jailer desecrator packs.

drop traps when enemies start to get close again and smokescreen out of the way.

This method has proven reliable for me all through Inferno, with very few deaths.

This works well in both solo mode as well as when you are in a party.

as a side note this works beautifully in inferno whimsyshire due to the narrow paths.
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only one problem, every piece of gear doesn't need to have both dex/vit on the item.
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Written in response to Hesterry's Witch Doctor's Guide. Note, This is NOT the only Viable build for inferno, just the one that works for me and my playstyle.

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06/10/2012 08:54 AMPosted by RPaj
only one problem, every piece of gear doesn't need to have both dex/vit on the item.

Correct, though starting Inferno act 1 it will help, but you are right you will lose vitality over time.

I finished inferno at around 35-40k health
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bumped with fixes and updates
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06/10/2012 08:48 AMPosted by Darksquall
This method has proven reliable for me all through Inferno, with very few deaths.

Lol...not giving me much hope for Hardcore mode
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06/10/2012 05:45 PMPosted by sethinthebox
This method has proven reliable for me all through Inferno, with very few deaths.

Lol...not giving me much hope for Hardcore mode

I will resume hardcore mode when the servers lose the constant 200ms lag that makes my character snap backwards 20 feet from where i was running to.
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Dude.. I love it. That's pretty much my skill set and i find the gamplay with these awsome for now. One suggestion though since they nurfed SS would be to have at least two piece that also include some +Max Discipline so you can SS more time before using Preparation. I had a +16 total for Hell and found it a walk in a park. I suggest at least a total of 45 discipline should be enough to start with but personally i will try to go higher if possible.
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Similar to my style of play. Mark of death with that group damage thingy. I use spike traps and evasive fire to get around. Backtracking is so important cause I never want to end up being trapped between packs.

High C.damage and attack speed.

It's my first time reading the forums. Surprised that people like that Shadow skill thing alot. So not fun to use.
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