Diablo® III

Allowing players to loot your body.

Diablo II had a feature to loot a body when you died if they activated it. Do you think this feature should be in D3 hardcore?

Maybe when you die, all your items just fall to the ground as if you were a slain mob.
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I think its better this way. Leveling a character is pretty damn easy. If you don't actually lose your items on death in hardcore, then what real danger is there?

Hardcore is better and more rewarding this way.
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If that happened, people would try to get you killed.

Player: Is it safe to port to you?
PKer: Of course it is come on down!
Player: /death
PKer: Thx 4 the l3wtz n00b!
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Gangrad, it was an option to allow other players to loot, ie. your friends and nobody else. I feel this should be implemented as well. its not like people should be turning the loot button on for people they dont know anyway.
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There have been a lot of threads pertaining to this topic. This is a good idea because it helps encourage good play styles by:
  • Rewarding Lure Kills
  • Rewarding AFK kills
  • Rewarding Gateway Trappers
  • Rewarding Spawn Trappers
  • Teaching players that sometimes it is more rewarding to let that player who is in a tight spot die, rather than supporting/saving them. Loot those PHAT corpses!

Imagine joining a server in Act 1 hell; dying instantly to mobs that were staged there and having Spawn-Thrilla-Killa#31337 say:
“Yo, thanks for the loot bro - I won't let your death be in vain!”

That would be pretty great eh?
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In diablo 2, you had to ALLOW them to loot you. You can't be PK'd and have your gear just taken from you. You had to click the unlock button first before that could happen. And yes, I think they should add this feature immediately.
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you get to keep all your gold and stash in D3, so... no.
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Progression in diablo 3 is all about the gear. If you do that you may as well take out hardcore mode alltogether.
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Then if people died your friends would just grab your gear, PL you for half a day's play, and then give you your gear back... then the only point a death would matter is if your entire group wiped. Doesn't feel hardcore enough. I do however, think people should drop something upon death, say a % of their total gold? That would be nice...
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I think it's nice that gear gets taken out of the HC economy instead of just piling up eternally like in SC.
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It's a trade off, you get to keep your gold and stash but have no chance of recovering items on you. Despite all the goodness I've lost I prefer it this way.
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With all of the powerleveling and gear buying from AH after death, item loss is the only real punishment right now in HC.
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they will open rmah on hc eventually. unlikely they'd allow loot on items. more profit for blizzard when gear gets recycled.
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I like the current "You die, you lose your items" system.
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I think it's nice that gear gets taken out of the HC economy instead of just piling up eternally like in SC.

My thoughts exactly
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This is a terrible idea...yea lets allow our friends to just loot everything when we die, then when we're 60 in a day, grab all our loot again as if nothing had happened.
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Go play softcore plz if u r afraid of losing your gears.
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